Medication Mess-Up

A few nights ago it was discovered that I’ve been accidentally O’D ing on my Anti-Depressant. (Wellbuterin).  I had originally been taking one tab of  150 mg a day, then when mom got super sick the doctor upped it to two 150 tabs a day but I asked him if he could make it just a one 300 tab to knock out at least one pill from my home pharmacy.  He did..However, at some point my mind must have flipped because I have been taking 2 300mg tabs of Wellbuterin for a while now.  That may very well be the reason why my brain spun out.  Or, at least a partial reason.

I saw a Psych per my P/C and the Psych said I am not Crazy (in the sense..we won’t go to any other) however he has diagnosed me as having ADHD.  If this is the case, it would explain why I’ve had such a hard time over the years with  keeping close friends and relationships.  The Psych also wants me to cut Caffeine out of my diet completely which may be a whole nother issue.  He seems to think it will help to decrease my headaches however I believe completely is way to much and a little Caffeine  can keep them at bay and perhaps even help me cut down on meds.  Hmm..this is a tough one and my husband will take the doctors side on this one.  He does not need/drink Soda or Caffeine to wake up and most doctors are Professionals and supposedly know what they are talking about…at least in Steves’ view.

  I am having a dispute with my OB though who is trying hard to get me back on drugs for Osteoporosis.  I’ve had bad effects with Fosamax, Actonel & Boniva and even my P/C said I could probably control it with diet and exercise which I’ve been doing.  I’ve agreed to a bone x-ray and to go from there.  Is there nothing these doctors would rather not give us drugs for?