A New Direction of Worship?

There are problems in my home church and I am watchng it sink.  My Pastor seems to have turned it into something that I am not sure I signed up for.  He has also started to change the rules a bit and skew his messages.  One reason I left the church/denomination I was raised in is because it was to rigid and I did not want as much structure.  Alas, It seems to have started here and  I have not been looking forward to attending lately.  I’ve watched our church attendance level drop over the year from 75% to less then 25%.  It is very depressing.  I’ve seen programs taken away that could be used to boost the morale of the church members.
  Needless to say, I’ve found and attended a different church close to my house yesterday.  It is the same denomination as the one I attend at present, however, there are more people and more programs and more activities.   Things are done differently but people are friendly.  I am definitely going back again.  I was drawn in by a wonderful video on thier website describing some of their programs and they even support OCC  which is wonderful!
  The only problem with this whole situation is the guilt I feel after being with my home church for over 7 years.  My previous denomination pretty much taught us guilt and/or ruled us by it.  Hence the guilt by my parents.  (To many  guilt issues in my past.)  I am a bit afraid to reveal to some of my church friends that I have checked out and may start attending somewhere else.  Yet, they would not be true friends if they disappear completely due to this.  I have been praying and praying over this and I really do feel at peace with this decision.  It sort of goes with what Pastor talked about yesterday in a way.  He talked about Karma and continuing to do good and win others for Christ no matter what roadblocks we may encounter from others.  I guess we must stay stable in Christ ourselves in order to continue winning others to him..