Church Change Decision Continuation

This church change has gotten a bit sad and a bit confusing, to say the least.  I’ve been to the new church twice.  I have not really made a solid decidsion however I have spoken to about 3 people of whom I trusted in my home church.  I just received a note from one of those people stating I need to make a decision because Pastor says  if I am changing churches I am not longer allowed to help out anymore, be on the Prayer Chain or be involved in Operation Christams Child.  Pastor is not one of the 3 people I informed that I even visited another church.  Therefor, the trusted few all ran to him with the tidings of this wonderful news.  Granted, one of those people is also the Church Secretary but since she is a friend..could she not have come to me and told me she would have to tell him or could she not have waited for me to tell him on my own?  I guess we know that answer.

 I also guess in that regard my decision has been made for me.   I do not like being forced to decide something on a time limit.  In actuality, my decision has not been made as a decision between the two..I may decide on neither.  I am beginning to think I may just receive my actual worship service via the internet and not worry about exactly where it is I decide to worship.  I think I am tired of watching people in churches act petty, and clicky and take favorites.  I know of people in particular who are being accused of taking their children somewhere else or at least joining in the Choir of another church yet still are able to be a major part of the Choir in our church..yet I cannot even go on a Friday to clean the Church Office or to fold a Bulletin anymore.  I have also heard Pastor teach against Gossip over and over again yet he has his Secrtary write me a letter when it probably would have been better to have called me in himself and spoken with me one-on-one to get the story as it looks like he believed the Gossip he so teaches against.  Then, there is the fact the fact that I read the church rules and if Iwere to break off from a church, it should be in my time, I believe.  However, they have made it in theirs.
Inn my opinion, going to church should not be like a chore or like going to a job which it seems to have become.