Medical Issues

So, here’s the situation.  I have a rare, metabolic disorder titled Propionic Acidemia and I am the 2nd eldest living with it.  I am supposed to be on a Low-Protein Diet but don’t actually know what that means not knowing exactly how much Protein is needed for people like me.  I have been having major stomach issues lately and have been losing weight extremely quickly.  I have found a specialist in the Metabolics/Genetics Division of Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) – okay, he is actually the head of that department; Dr. Jose Abdenur who said he will meet with me and they can help me.  They actually study my disease as well as others.  They have a whole department including Nutritionists which I probably need. 
I’ve been waiting on a referral/authorization from my Primary Care to my Insurance.  The insurance is having a problem because the doctor is a Pediatrician and I am an Adult.  The main reason is not because he is not in network.  They can probably get past that.  It is the fact that he is a Pediatrician.  What?  Can they not come up with another title, if necessary?  That is completely ridiculous.

 In the meantime, I feel like The Incredible Shrinking Woman.  Good Movie by the way, but it had a really stupid ending.
 And before any of you tell me to just eat more which seems to be the unhelpful advice some people like to pass on…it isn’t so simple.  I am NOT hungry.  I try to eat.  It’s hard to eat when you aren’t hungry like ever.  Plus, as stated I am having stomach issues so when I do doesn’t really set well often anyway.     

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