More Appointments Set

I have two apts set.  One for tomorrow and one for next week.  Both of which require some sort of Prep and Fasting.  Plus, I am still waiting for the Order from my Primary for the test for Addison’s Disease which will require Fasting and getting injected with something at a certain time.  I consider drinking a bunch of crap, getting injected, etc.. Prep.  One gets tired of tests..most of which are invasive with my problems..especially when all so far have come back “negative” but what else can you do?  And, I hate to sound gross but if you think I’m a Hypochondriac…you’re welcome to simply enter the restroom behind me even after I flush  after the 3rd or 4th time during the day I’ve been in there.
 You will see my life is not a joke.  Plus, you will also see I have NO appetite.

 I was telling my husband I really do not like going out to dinner anymore.  I just don’t find it enjoyable at all, and truthfully, it’s a waste of money now.

  I so wish that someone would find something soon so I can start enjoying food and friendship again.

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