Formula’s and Diet Tracking

Okay, so I picked up and started taking the formula as of yesterday.  As I understand it, we all make a specific type of Protein in our body as well as receiving Protein from foods.  In my case, the Protein in my body is building up along with bad poisons/toxins which is causing me to get sick or I am not getting enough of the good type of Protein so this formula is going to help my body to even out and flush out the poisons.  I am also allowed 28 grams of Protein a day from foods.  Never having weighed my foods ever, this is extremely tough for me.  I am not good at math and definitely not good at measurement conversions.  Plus, I am amazed at how many foods contain Protein.  I also need to somehow get the Carbs up without going over this Protein allotment.

 I have two different types of formula’s to try and so far the one I have tried is at least palatable.  And, it can be mixed up and swallowed within a matter of minutes verses  the one I have not tried yet that you have to mix ito a paste and then mix in water, etc.  Plus, this one has a flavor packet of which I am trying the flavors to see if I like any in hopes it will hide the mediciney taste a bit.  I am taking CytoCarb 2 to help me gain weight and it lied when saying that is tasteless when you mix it in water so I sincerely doubt this stuff will be.

I am trying to find a company that sells drinkware with measurements written on the actual glasses, Not Shotglasses.  Any suggestions?       

Possible Writing Project AHead

I just counted the pills I take per day and with the new ones, the total comes to 33.  Wow.  I sure hope these new pills give me some energy because I am so tired of being tired.  I just took a poll from a friend and one of the questions was “What animal would you be if you were an animal?” and I said “A Bear because all I want to do is hibernate.”  My CT-Scan results from last week came back normal.  Surprise..Surprse…NOT!
I am also down to 94.6 lbs.

Onto another topic for a change..I think soon I may start work on writing a book about the mental abuse I experienced a while back with an ex.  It’s been on my mind for years and I have notes in old diaries.  I would change all names and maybe elaborate or change a few of the events; however it’s been on my mind as I said and its not like I can’t find the time to write a few lines once in a while.  There’s no rush so I don’t have to stress myself out at once with bad memories but I reallly feel by doing this..evenutually I may help other women become aware of some of the men out there and to be extra careful of their choices.  Not to mention, my sister said she would be interested because she didn’t know much about that time with me and him.  That became a bad topic in ur family and turned me into the Black Sheep for a bit.   I am just forever thankful I got away from the man before my father passed away.

Specialist Visit 1

Water, Chicken Soup Broth, 7-Up, Gator-Aid, Vitamin-Water..Yum. That’s what I get today. Unfortunately, my stomach started up this morning and hasn’t quit and I haven’t even started drinking the stuff yet so my Anus is going to be so sore by the end of the day. Ugh.

In good news, I saw the Specialist this morning Finally and they will be able to help me. At least regarding my PA. They are going to put me on a Vitamin Supplement called Carnitine (the bad side affect of that is it makes your body smell like Fish) and I am going to have to start a formula which I will be on for the rest of my life. I remember those days from when I was young until when I was 16 and hoped I would not have to do that again but being an adult and knowing it will help, I need to look at it differently, and I’m not getting any younger. They are also going to put me on a strict low-protein diet and even help me out on where to purchase low-protein foods. First, I need to keep a 3 day food diary and fax it over to them.
In the meantime, they gave me a supplement/powder to add to my Gator-Aide so I get more calories for today while prepping for the test. They worry about people with my disease when fasting.

Propionic Acid is a poison in your system. I also learned that is can really hurt your kidneys and may have been the cause of my Kidney Disease.

The test tomorrow is kind of interesting . I looked it up and I will actually be swallowing a Camera in a pill which takes like 500+ images. They hook me up to some pack thing which I wear home and then I go back later and they unhook me after I eliminate the Camera.

Another Test Is Done..

Yum..Nothing like waking up on a Thursday morning to no Coffee but drinking Berry Flavored Barium especially after drinking it and having it keep you up cramping and going part of the night before.  Fun.  Then, before the CT-Scan…the doctor brings out more and fills a Paper Cup right before the test telling you it’s to coat your stomach so he can see better since you probably lost most of it anyway.  Needless to say, you know where you will be spending most of the rest of your day.  But, another test down and who knows how many more to go…