Specialist Visit 1

Water, Chicken Soup Broth, 7-Up, Gator-Aid, Vitamin-Water..Yum. That’s what I get today. Unfortunately, my stomach started up this morning and hasn’t quit and I haven’t even started drinking the stuff yet so my Anus is going to be so sore by the end of the day. Ugh.

In good news, I saw the Specialist this morning Finally and they will be able to help me. At least regarding my PA. They are going to put me on a Vitamin Supplement called Carnitine (the bad side affect of that is it makes your body smell like Fish) and I am going to have to start a formula which I will be on for the rest of my life. I remember those days from when I was young until when I was 16 and hoped I would not have to do that again but being an adult and knowing it will help, I need to look at it differently, and I’m not getting any younger. They are also going to put me on a strict low-protein diet and even help me out on where to purchase low-protein foods. First, I need to keep a 3 day food diary and fax it over to them.
In the meantime, they gave me a supplement/powder to add to my Gator-Aide so I get more calories for today while prepping for the test. They worry about people with my disease when fasting.

Propionic Acid is a poison in your system. I also learned that is can really hurt your kidneys and may have been the cause of my Kidney Disease.

The test tomorrow is kind of interesting . I looked it up and I will actually be swallowing a Camera in a pill which takes like 500+ images. They hook me up to some pack thing which I wear home and then I go back later and they unhook me after I eliminate the Camera.


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