Formula’s and Diet Tracking

Okay, so I picked up and started taking the formula as of yesterday.  As I understand it, we all make a specific type of Protein in our body as well as receiving Protein from foods.  In my case, the Protein in my body is building up along with bad poisons/toxins which is causing me to get sick or I am not getting enough of the good type of Protein so this formula is going to help my body to even out and flush out the poisons.  I am also allowed 28 grams of Protein a day from foods.  Never having weighed my foods ever, this is extremely tough for me.  I am not good at math and definitely not good at measurement conversions.  Plus, I am amazed at how many foods contain Protein.  I also need to somehow get the Carbs up without going over this Protein allotment.

 I have two different types of formula’s to try and so far the one I have tried is at least palatable.  And, it can be mixed up and swallowed within a matter of minutes verses  the one I have not tried yet that you have to mix ito a paste and then mix in water, etc.  Plus, this one has a flavor packet of which I am trying the flavors to see if I like any in hopes it will hide the mediciney taste a bit.  I am taking CytoCarb 2 to help me gain weight and it lied when saying that is tasteless when you mix it in water so I sincerely doubt this stuff will be.

I am trying to find a company that sells drinkware with measurements written on the actual glasses, Not Shotglasses.  Any suggestions?       


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