Not Expected

I did not expect to  continue having stomach and head issues as well as bad side effects from medications while I got older.  I definitely did not expect to keep getting Hemhroids over and over and if you had told me I would be giving myself suppositories twice a day, I would have told you were crazy!  Of course before pills for Migraines, I would not have believed you had you told me I would have given myself injections either as who even likes that from doctors?  Plus, I really didn’t think I would have sunk into some weird depression state with no real reason.  I feel as if I am in this hole and am slowly, slowly digging my way out.

  I am a Christian and I guess somehow I thought that once I was saved God was magically going to make everything easy.  Not so.

  Sometimes, I wish I could be like those people I read about who suffer without complaint but I guess that is not me.  I so want my energy back soon.

  I pray this med I’m on now works.


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