Friend Swap

I just finished reading a book by Jane Green titled, ‘Swapping Lives’.  What a concept.  Have you ever considered it?  In her book, a journalist in London does an article about a single girl swapping lives with someone who is married with children but what if you could swap lives with a friend?  Which of your friends would you choose?  I have one friend in the same position I am minus the health problems.  I mean she is in the position of staying at home with no job and I wonder what she does to fill in her days.  She, like me does not like mall shopping at all.  One difference though is her parents live practically across the street from her and she visits them most every day.  I remember those days from a long time ago.  Both my parents are gone now and the one year anniversary of my mothers passing is coming up on Thursday.  I have another friend who works 3 jobs and doesn’t have a lot of spare time, a 3rd friend is single.. goes to school and is on disability for her foot.  She is looking for a job but may not be seriously looking until the end of the semester and if she doesn’t find anything may consider moving with her mother to WA later.   I also have the same option as the single girl of a friend in another state who has two children.  Considering, I know her husband who is a friend of ours and they gave us the dog and tortoise..that would be a very odd experience indeed. 

I have found an Investigational Study for a Hemorrhroid Cream I am considering taking part in however my husband does not like the idea at all.  I don’t see why not.  If he were the one in pain..wouldn’t he be willing to try most anything to take the pain away?  I’ve actually set an appointment for tomorrow to see if I qualify but then decided it best to check with my P/C first to make sure it is okay with him.

My brain seems to be calming down a bit and not running quite so fast lately and I am gaining some weight.  It’s so nice to finally be able to wear some of the shirts I bought before I lost those 20 pounds.  Soon, I’ll be dressing in style in those beautiful Cat Themed clothes I love so much as well as be able to fit back into some of my old comfortable stuff since Winter is approaching.


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