A Vegetarian That Cannot Eat Salad?

I am a Flexitarian…which means I am a Semi-Vegetarian or one who rarely eats meat.  I am on a low-protein diet with my disease and I eat a lot of starches.  For us, that is good.  I prefer a Veggie Dog to a regular Hot Dog most of the time however some restaurant chains do not have those therefore I will have All-Beef.  Lately, I’ve discovered when eating salads and fruit my stomach goes on revolt.  How can one be a Vegetarian or even a Flexitarian without salads or fruit?  I’ll eat them anyway knowing I will be paying for it, just as I know on the days I go over my protein allotment I will be paying for it.  Such is my life of stomach discontentment.   

Aside from the fact that I cannot have much protein being the reason I am a Flexitarian, I really do not believe in the eating of animals here in the U.S.  We have so much food here with so many options.  We are no longer Cave Dwellers who need to hunt for our food.  The earth provides so much and it is healthy.  I do not force my belief on others.  My husband is a definite Carnivore and we actually have different shelves of the refrigerator.  I just wanted to share/explain my reasoning for my choice.

I also buy non-animal-tested products as often as possible. 

Can you tell I am an Animal rights person?  However, I will never go so far as to throw mud at Fur Coats or get stupid or non-sensical as that.  That is ridiculous.  The coats are already made and it does nothing to save anyone or anything.

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