WordPress Addiction

I’m addicted to WordPress.  Every day I check the Stats probably at least 3 times. Do people care?  Also, did I make the Featured Blogs?  Is my entry easy to find on the Most Popular Tags, and Tag Surfer..Maybe someone is talking about something I can relate to and I can Follow them.  So, I can spend hours reading Blogs.  A good yet bad thing with my ADD.    It used to be computer games but not anymore.  Now, it’s Blogging and the fact that anyone in the world can read my thoughts.  What a concept.  Whoever came up with this idea deserves an award! 

One of my favorite movies is The Truman Show.  Plus, I remember on FX they actually had a guy film his life for like a week.  The idea of  watching how someone else lives is amazing to me even if they are just like me.  I don’t care if they sit in their pajama’s all day and watch T.V.. and drink beer.  It’s simply that invasion of privacy factor.  Not to mention, you also get to see how they decorated their house, what they eat for breakfast, where they buy their groceries, how they make their money, etc.

This is one addiction I do not want cured.


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  1. I check my stats often as well. I usually spend way too much time writing up blog posts to share and cruise around looking for interesting articles until late at night. We have a problem! We need help!

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