Helping Myself & Others

I went to the Nephrologist and waited an hour and a half before rescheduling.  I’ve waited 3 hours for him before but there were other things I wanted to do today so..

I took a box of things to donate as well of a bag of stuff I had for Toys-For-Tots to a family who had lost their house in a fire.  They haven’t figured out the cause of the fire yet but that damage was massive.  They’ll be lucky to salvage anything except a few toys in the front yard the 5 and 7-year-old boys had.  The poor Cat and Chinchilla? died in the fire.  I left the stuff with a neighbor of theirs in hopes they will be around soon as they are in a hotel somewhere nearby.

I set an appointment with the specialist for my Hemohroids for Dec 14th.  Gotta stop stressing over that one as being nervous is not going to help them any.

Thankful, Vegas & Holidays

Just returned from Vegas and had a great time.  I mainly played the Penny Machines so I didn’t lose to much money but you don’t really go to win.  That would just be an advantage. 

Thanksgiving was quiet.  I didn’t even get dressed.  It was chilly here and we ordered Chicken.  I am not a Turkey person and my husband and I don’t really care what kind of food we eat for the holiday.  I am just thankful we are together and my kidney is still working so I can survive another day.  The same kidney from my husband.

In other health news, my husband took himself to the San Diego Zoo today and I did not go due to my Hemorrhoids.  I had pain in Vegas but a lot of my time was spent playing the machines so sitting down isn’t to bad.  Walking around is another story.  I will be making an appointment with the Specialist soon however I still need to get my stomach re-settled and I was sort of off the last few days as I haven’t figured out quite how to work my new phone yet so I have to plug in my foods now that I ate then.  

Yes, my husband bought me an LJ Optimus V Smartphone as an early B-Day/Christmas Present and my MIL bought me a  Las Vegas Sweatshirt while we were there for my B-Day.  The phone deal is super cool and the plan from Virgin is only $35.00 a month. with unlimited text, e-mail, photo’s and video player + 300 talk minutes.  I also e-mailed my MIL a copy of my Amazon Wish-List so she can get what I really want for Christmas.  I love those Wishlist’s.  I remember for years (even as an adult) I would write a Wish-List for my mother so she would start giving me what I wanted versus what she thought I wanted.  Makes life a lot easier..unless like one relative I have..we give each other funny things each year to see who can top for the funniest.

Hooray, My Sis Is Coming!

She called this morning and I haven’t seen her since our mom passed away last September.  This is one of the last pics we have together before mom got so sick.  I think it was long before but I don’t remember because time went so fast.  Anyway, she and my Bro-In-Law are going to be going to dinner with us and staying the night here.  I am really looking forward to it.  It won’t be for a few weeks but luckily we will be really busy while waiting. 

I am also looking forward to a party next wknd with some friends from High School plus this Sat my husband and I will hopefully be looking for and purchasing a Smart Phone as an early B-Day/Christmas Present for me.  I totally Need one verses want one since I log all my food and I will be using his on our trip which is the next thing I have to be thankful for and look forward to. 

So, there is a bright, immediate future a head anyway.  At least for the next few weeks and Christmas is my favorite time of the year!! 

Plus, in March I get to go to the OCC (Operation Christmas Child) Convention again because it is local and the hotel looks awesome!  




Petey Bird??

I bought the birds outside some new birdseed and Petey decided he would eat it.  Now, Petey cannot digest Corn very well at all so for two days he had been vomiting undigested birdseed and of course birdseed was in his stool as well as every time he would get sick and we did not notice it right away, he would take himself outside and stay there until I told him he could come in.  I have never yelled at him or sent him outside for being sick.  The bird feeder we had before hang from the patio roof and although he would eat some of the seed remnants, this is new Wild Birdseed that is supposed to attract different types of birds.

  I love this dog but I hated the idea of having to never be able to watch birds again. We even have a cage outside so the cat can watch the birds as they fly around and eat.  Anyway, I am periodically checking the bird feeder since I moved it and if they keep it on the table, it should work fine.  There is another type feeder that will also work which is on a pole and enclosed.  Petey only seems to eat the birdseed from the patio and does not eat the stuff theat falls on the grass.  Needless to say, there are a few different feeders on my Amazon Wishlist.  I swear, I have never had a dog who thought he was a bird before.  I also have a cat who yells at me whenever I sneeze.  Where did these animals come from??   

 Petey’s picture was supposed to be at the top but it isn’t working out that way.

Garlic…The New Salt!

I Love Garlic!  I was using Garlic-Salt but then I thought about Salt not being good for me.  Now, it’s Garlic on everything.  Bread, Pasta, in Soups, sometimes even on Potato’s.  Heck, I like to kid around and say I could put Garlic on Garlic.  I would love to go to the Garlic Fest.  They say Blue is the new Black ..well to me Garlic is the new Salt!

Getting Better But Bad Focus

I  to CHOC (Children’s Hospital of Orange County) on Thursday and the doctors were very impressed by my weight gain.  I’ve gained 4 lbs in 3 months and weigh 101 now.  They have also raised my Protein grams per day to 33 verses 30.  They are still looking for a doctor to do a Psychological/Intelligence test which I am curious on the results. 

I asked about possibly starting to take something to help me with Focus but my husband does not like that idea as he thinks I don’t need another medication.  I wonder if an extra Vitamin or something would help.  I’ve heard Fish Oil is good for memory.  I’ll have to ask my PC  if  it could hurt my Kidneys or anything.  I’ve read that supplementing Fish Oil in your diet is good for and may even help people with ADD/ADHD.

Yesterday, we went to the store and I came out and did not see the car after my husband (I may just start using an S) had moved it.  He thought I was crazy.  However, I’ve done this forever.  I remember I dated someone who had a big truck and I still never knew where to look when he pulled up and I went out to meet him and he was waiting for me.  He thought I was nuts when I looked all over and he finally had to honk the horn.

  Even on Thursday when I went by myself to the hospital, I still had a hard time finding the entrance (not the usual entrance since I’d parked somewhere else) and then re-locating my car when I came out…not to mention which Registration Desk to go to because they usually aren’t all open.  But, I got there and got through it alone with a bit of help by asking strangers who were going the same direction.

Small Ways To Make Big Differences

Yesterday was busy but such an awesome day!

  I saw the Therapist at 11:00 then spent the day at church from 1:40 until 9 p.m. at our Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Packing Event!  It was a lot of work setting up and organizing Shoe Boxes.  The church makes 240 Shoe Boxes every year and the lady in charge makes lists of what  goes into the boxes so every child gets a certain thing which means everything has to be organized and counted.  Of course, the extra things people think of to donate are amazing.  Everything left over is saved for the next year when it is all done again.  What’s  shame is that I was told only about a half-dozen people actually bring things to donate for the boxes so most everything falls on her shoulders.  That’s not quite fair.

  Anyway, in the morning, I had said a prayer for God to lead me to someone who needed food that day, as I have been driving around with a bag of canned and boxed food in my car for someone in need.  I was getting afraid the dates would expire and it is getting cold and so many people are hungry.  As I was leaving church, I saw a Gentlemen with a cart of things.  At first I thought he was going through the Dumpster before I noticed he was picking up plastic bottles from the ground.  I asked, “Sir, Are you hungry?” and he said, “Yes Maam” so I gave him the food from the car and he said, “God Bless You.”  I told him to “Have A Good Night” and he said he would try.  It felt so good to know that I not only helped all those children but I also helped someone in my local area who really needs it.

  In actuality, I did not help them alone.  God does the main work and I am his tool. 

I was talking to a friend of mine today who said the boys in her church (the one I used to attend) are going to start putting Shoebox Kits together to give to the homeless when they see them containing socks, food, etc.. and pass them out.  I think that’s a wonderful idea and much better then giving money.  I think I may do the same thing.  I could just make a small one up and keep it in my car until I see someone, then do it over and over again.

What a small way to make a large difference.

Scary Surgery Possible

I’m starting to freak out here but maybe by January I will be normal in one respect.  I contacted my doctor and there is no pill for Hemorrhoid’s.  He is going to refer my to a surgeon.  It is completely scary to imagine surgery there.  Although, I’ve had Vaginal Warts before and when I did one stupid doctor had the nerve to imply I was a Prostitute.  Needless to say, I didn’t want to see him again.  Anyway, I’ll need to read up and talk to the surgeon about Hemorrhoid Surgery options, I guess.  It looks like recovery is a lot worse than the surgery itself  but isn’t it always?

I got a lot accomplished yesterday.  I actually vacuumed the entire house including every one of Firpie’s Cat Tree’s including all Hidey Holes in them.  I figure it will help my allergies plus, this way I can give her new Catnip without putting it on top of old crap.

Thanks For Sharing

I just went through everyone’s Blogroll of whom I am reading and became a Follower of those I am interested.  This is how you find more interesting Blogs. 

Today I woke up with a horrible Sinus Band Headache around my head.  Luckily, Maxalt takes care of Sinus and Migraine Headaches.  I am still a bit cold and Sinusy and it’s a horribly, icky, rainy day so I may just stay home and stay warm and do internet church so as to avoid getting sick.

I have a physical coming up on the 29th however I need to e-mail my doctor sooner because I have had Hemorrhoids now for about 3 months straight.  I seriously didn’t think that possible.  I’ve read the directions and don’t want to overuse the medications.  There’s got to be a daily pill or something to help this.  



Nervous About Driving

I have a doctor appointment next week and I need to drive myself of which I am nervous because it’s at 8:30 a.m. and there will be a lot of traffic.  I never used to be nervous of driving in traffic .  My husband has been going to these appointments with me and he is going to take me this wknd and show me how to get there and where to park to make things easy for me.  It’s funny because it is actually located in Orange across from the hospital where I was born and I even used to live across the street from the hospital, plus, I used to visit my mother when she was in a home down the street and in the same hospital.  One time, I even picked her up from the hospital and took her to the home. 

 It’s  just that my mind has spun out over the year or so and I still feel as if I am sort of not normal or not myself and never will be.