ADD Is Distracting Me

Today I am trying to work on distraction.  I only seem to get one to two main chore type things done in a day and it is not that I am lazy.  From what I’ve read, this has a lot to do with my ADD and it is actually driving me crazy.  My Therapist seems to think ADD doesn’t have much to do with timing however she has not dealt with ADD patients for a long time.

  Here’s an example:  –  I will start to fold the laundry, then will come in and have lunch, then will need to look up something on the computer or write in what I had for lunch.  Before you know it, I’ve been on the computer for an hour and the laundry is not completed.  But, that’s can wait.. I need to water the lawn.  While watering  I can watch T.V…Oh, I can watch that right niow, I should finish reading the paper so my husband can have it.   After about 20 minutes…Did I set the timer?..Whoops…I need to switch the water.  Wasn’t I supposed to make a phone call today?    I should probably e-mail so and so about such and such.   There’s another hour or more on the computer because that article looked good and maybe I won’t stay up until 1 or 2 a.m. if I play computer games now instead of later. 

 Before I know it, the day is over and I might have watered the Lawn,  made that important call and sent that e-mail I was supposed to send.   The rest will wait to be put off for another day