Scary Surgery Possible

I’m starting to freak out here but maybe by January I will be normal in one respect.  I contacted my doctor and there is no pill for Hemorrhoid’s.  He is going to refer my to a surgeon.  It is completely scary to imagine surgery there.  Although, I’ve had Vaginal Warts before and when I did one stupid doctor had the nerve to imply I was a Prostitute.  Needless to say, I didn’t want to see him again.  Anyway, I’ll need to read up and talk to the surgeon about Hemorrhoid Surgery options, I guess.  It looks like recovery is a lot worse than the surgery itself  but isn’t it always?

I got a lot accomplished yesterday.  I actually vacuumed the entire house including every one of Firpie’s Cat Tree’s including all Hidey Holes in them.  I figure it will help my allergies plus, this way I can give her new Catnip without putting it on top of old crap.