Petey Bird??

I bought the birds outside some new birdseed and Petey decided he would eat it.  Now, Petey cannot digest Corn very well at all so for two days he had been vomiting undigested birdseed and of course birdseed was in his stool as well as every time he would get sick and we did not notice it right away, he would take himself outside and stay there until I told him he could come in.  I have never yelled at him or sent him outside for being sick.  The bird feeder we had before hang from the patio roof and although he would eat some of the seed remnants, this is new Wild Birdseed that is supposed to attract different types of birds.

  I love this dog but I hated the idea of having to never be able to watch birds again. We even have a cage outside so the cat can watch the birds as they fly around and eat.  Anyway, I am periodically checking the bird feeder since I moved it and if they keep it on the table, it should work fine.  There is another type feeder that will also work which is on a pole and enclosed.  Petey only seems to eat the birdseed from the patio and does not eat the stuff theat falls on the grass.  Needless to say, there are a few different feeders on my Amazon Wishlist.  I swear, I have never had a dog who thought he was a bird before.  I also have a cat who yells at me whenever I sneeze.  Where did these animals come from??   

 Petey’s picture was supposed to be at the top but it isn’t working out that way.


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