Helping Myself & Others

I went to the Nephrologist and waited an hour and a half before rescheduling.  I’ve waited 3 hours for him before but there were other things I wanted to do today so..

I took a box of things to donate as well of a bag of stuff I had for Toys-For-Tots to a family who had lost their house in a fire.  They haven’t figured out the cause of the fire yet but that damage was massive.  They’ll be lucky to salvage anything except a few toys in the front yard the 5 and 7-year-old boys had.  The poor Cat and Chinchilla? died in the fire.  I left the stuff with a neighbor of theirs in hopes they will be around soon as they are in a hotel somewhere nearby.

I set an appointment with the specialist for my Hemohroids for Dec 14th.  Gotta stop stressing over that one as being nervous is not going to help them any.