Just thought it good to say HAPPY NEW YEAR if nothing else today.  I still have a cold or flu or whatever but I seem to be getting a bit better. 

We got the decorations down from outside today but that may be all that gets accomplished as one thing such as that can exhaust me. 

I am not one to make New Year’s Resolutions and am not going to start now.  I am happy I was able to help the people I could this year and I hope I can help more in the coming year.  Better yet, I hope the coming year is better for people and fewer people will need help in the long run.  I also hope that we continue to follow our dreams and ambitions in 2012 despite the troubles that come our way and that goes for Everyone!

My Trial Is Being Sick

My P/C is back and e-mailed a copy of my latest blood results (from the 16th).   All is well, so  I am not going to stress over a Kidney Infection but I do believe I have a touch of the Flu.  I e-mailed him and asked him what he suggests I get over the counter.  I see no point in going in to see him if there is nothing he  can do.  I am so tired of this though.  Last night, I got a sudden, horrible stomach cramp and partially didn’t make it to the restroom..IBS Tpe.  Refer to an earlier entry so I don’t have to retype the crappy details.  I feel like a child when that happens.  So Gross!  Then my stomach just churned and churned so I took a Tums and  a Gas-X before I went to sleep. 

 The most I got done yesterday was putting away the Christmas decorations and e-mailing my nephew that I never received the present he sent.  There are so many things I want to do and places I want to go but whatever. 

I was sick so often as a child that sometimes as an adult I start to feel sorry for myself;  but that’s my life and that’s the main trial God has chosen me to go through for whatever reason.  You can’t always be happy with the trials he gives you but you have to at least accept them.

Christmas Adventures

Christmas was  interesting this year.  Not the being sick part. I get used to that having been sick a lot in my life.  I really enjoyed visiting with my sister and bro-in-law when they were here but the day they left, Steve’s friend dropped his dog off for us to babysit for 8 days.  The dog is a Pit/Lab mix, 1- 1/2 -year-old  puppy named Coco who has never been trained.  Our 12-year-old Corgy made it known that he did not want her here and the cat took one look through the glass door and bolted.  We tried putting our animals in separate rooms and letting Coco in but she immediately went for our animals toys, knocked stuff on counters, etc..  Coco chewed up a decoration, ate a used tissue from the trash, dug in the yard, ate sticks, chewed our jacuzzi and tore up her own bed.  She stood up and scratched the glass door also.  Needless to say, Coco was a handful.  We took our Corgy for 2-3 walks a day which was almost to much for him.  The cat started to get a bit curious but when she would look at Coco, Coco would bark at her and jump at the glass door.

Aside from being sick, I was exhausted by the time Coco left last night.  I slept until 10 a.m. today.

I’ve been feeling a bit odd and have not mentioned it to Steve yet because I don’t want to be imagining things.  I just pray nothing serious is going on.  My muscles have been aching everywhere and I have started having just weird pains.  I was reading about Kidney Rejection and it said to watch out for flu-like symptoms.  Of course, I could also have a minor touch of the flu.  Some warning signs are vomiting and/or fever which I do not have.  Others are clay colored stool, and other flu like symptoms which I do.  I will wait for a few days and see how I am since my P.C. is gone until the 29th anyway and see how I feel by next week.  If I don’t feel better by then, I will go see him.

Questioning Others Beliefs

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I am sick.  I am freezing and sweating at the same time not to mention coughing and congested, headachy, etc.  I wanted to try a new church too but one of them has a web service tomorrow so I may just tune in to that.

I say Merry Christmas because I am a Christian and despite being “Politically Correct”, I believe Christ is the reason for the holiday.  Christ-Mas!

  The Arrowhead Guy came the other day and wished me Happy Holidays and when I said Merry Christmas! and explained I am a Christian so I say Merry Christmas, he told me he was too.  That made me feel really good.  I know when you work they make you say, Happy Holidays. 

Another blogger I follow was  talking about people who aren’t Christian but celebrate Christmas and how she believes it is wrong and it did make me question a friend of mine the other day.  I went to his house for our gift exchange and he had taken his Cross down from the wall and put up a Wreath.  When I asked why, he said because he isn’t really religious.  Then he explained that he believes “in a God but not the whole Mary, Jesus thing.  At least I’m not Atheist.”  I almost asked him if he does not believe in the whole Jesus thing, why are we exchanging gifts celebrating someone he does not believe in?  Perhaps we should not do it anymore.  It really was not the right time to ask that question as it might have ruined the mood but I do think I will bring it up sometime as now it bothers me.

Anyway, I hope you all have a Very, Merrry Christmas!!  I’m going back to bed to try to stay warm.

A Bit of Stress

Yesterday was quite upsetting.  I am only allowed sushi once a year so I have to find a restaurant that serves Uni (Sea Urchin) which is my favorite.  My friend B and I had it all set before discovering the place we usually go to has closed.  We tried two more places that didn’t have Uni and wound up at Del Taco, my phone stopped working except for telling me per message that we hadn’t paid the bill.  My husband said we have not received one.  I called the company this morning (Virgin) and it turns out we/I will not receive a written bill and will have to Top Off every month on a certain date.  So, S and I will just work out the payments.  The phone itself was a bit expensive (not to bad) so I can consider that my B-Day/Christmas gift.

  Then, while driving home my right leg (Driver’s Leg) decided to get that terrible pain I get periodically that can get almost paralyzing so I had to pull into a parking lot and sort of march around for a bit before continuing home while praying the whole time.

This week is stressful as we are taking care of a dog for my husbands’ boss and it is a 1 and a half your old puppy mixed with Pit, Lab and ??  She has had no training and nearly knocks me down when she jumps on me.  She is like a child and  into everything and we have to keep her separate from our animals.  She spends most of her time in the back yard and I feel guilty because it is cold however she does have a heated doghouse.  She is constant ly chewing on bark or something.  Plus, i am walking my dog approx 2x per day now and he is getting worn out not being used to this.  This visiting dog is going home on Monday and I am on count-down.

Do I Really Need A Church Home?

First the gross news – I crapped my pants in my sleep last night.  What the…?  The last time that unexpectedly happened (during the day) was when I discovered I had I.B.S.  Totally disgusting.  But, asleep?  Anyway, it may have had to do with the fact that I had gotten up early the day before and stayed up late while my sister was over plus I went way over my Protein requirement the day she left; and that was the same day we got the dog we are babysitting which I won’t even get into right now other than to say it is wild so I was exhausted last night.  Maybe the combination of all those things threw my body off in this very disgusting way.  But, I had to post this since it is health related and this is my Health Blog after all.

I am questioning church again.  I sort of miss my old church but I don’t feel comfortable going back because I don’t like the way things ended.  I feel as if I was sort of pushed out and things didn’t end fairly but we won’t go there since that’s the past.  Since the Halloween situation and the inadvertent debate with Pastor at the church I attend now I sort of  feel as if I am being  judged differently.  I almost have to be careful as to what I say there as I cannot show who I really am.  Plus, I’ve noticed they talk about members and others behind their backs so I can only imagine what is said when I am not around. 

 I don’t want to be obligated to go to church every Sunday and have people call me or make me feel guilty when I don’t.  I know my relationship with God.  My sister had an idea of attending a Non-Denominational church which I may try.  I will have to choose one my neighbors (that I know of) do not attend though.  I did not realize Calvary is Non-Denominational.  When I do not attend church now;  I still listen to the free web sermons I find on the internet which covers the main message I need to hear without all the unneeded stuff I don’t.   


Nightmare Doc Appointment

So, I saw the doctor yesterday for my Hemorrhoids.  What a nightmare!  I waited almost 2 hours for the doctor to tell me I am not a candidate for surgery and to bag on me about the pain as well as to say I mainly have Skin Tags down there.  I swear, I told him I have pain just using the restroom and he still jams this tool in my rectum that spins and as I’m practically crying for him to take it out says, “if you can’t handle this; you definitely wouldn’t be able to handle surgery.”  When I said, “Well, Wouldn’t I be asleep?” he goes, “Not during recovery.  We can’t keep you asleep forever.”  He said even with surgery the Hemorrhoids will still come back and I guess most of mine have shrunk anyway but I guess I have quite a few Skin Tags back there and they will just grow with age because he is not going to cut them off.  When I asked him, what I am going to do about this pain and if it will ever go away..he goes, “I can’t answer that.”  His only advice was to use suppositories that don’t have Cortisone and use Baby Wipes instead of Toilet Paper.  One of  his assistant girls told me to take lots of  warm baths which I enjoy anyway.   This  doctor is really not a specialist in this.  However, he does a lot of  Laparoscopic and other surgery and deals with many patients who suffer from Hemorrhroids. 

 My husband’s boss apparently has had surgery for this so if I don’t feel better soon I may try to get into see his Colorectal Specialist or whatever the title is (the one that did his Hemorrhoid surgery) and get another opinion.  In the meantime, I continue to suffer but I use Baby Wipes which I throw in paper bags in the trash verse T/P. as often as possible.  A bit gross. 

 I feel like I should be one of those Hoarder people I see on t.v. all the time.  But wait, then I may as well be just throwing the bags in the living room after filling them up.  lol

Acting Weird Without Drinking

I went to a party on Saturday with a lot of people I went to High School with.  Some I’d seen at a party last year however to make it more confusing this time, a lot of people who showed up were from 2-3 graduating years back.  I have always been terrible at faces and names.  I can barely remember my neighbors from a few days ago.  If you are not in the expected setting  I just don’t recall who you are.  An ADD characteristic, perhaps?  Anyway, I wound up having a conversation with someone I thought was someone else,  (Luckily, they would be drunk by the end of the evening so hopefully won’t remember it.)     having a conversation with someone of whom I had no idea who they were until someone came up and said “Hi So and So” and introduced themselves. and hugging someone and saying, “Oh, It’s good to see you” when the person I hugged wasn’t the person I meant to hug at all, but somebody told me they were.”   I did not even drink at the party and have not had a drink in about a year.  I have simply had no desire to and I think I have been nervous of the possible reactions of drinking due to all the medications I am taking.

I love to help people at Christmas (or anytime actually) and someone posted on the main Operation Christmas Child Facebook Wall that they may not be able to provide Christmas for her 7-year-old Grand-Daughter so I called and talked to the lady before going to Walgreen’s and buying some gifts: and mailing a box of stuff along with all the other gifts I sent out today.

  I pray the bills won’t be to high this month but I believe God put this on my heart so he will provide.  I mean we will be able to afford the bills.  I just hate the thought of having overspent especially when I am usually so good about buying most everything early.  Most of the extra spending on Christmas this year went to help other people with only a few last-minute gifts I had not bought yet and postage was a bit but could have been much worse if my sister wasn’t coming and picking up her packages.  I am thankful this year that postage goes by weight.

Better For Each Other

One of the low-protein food companies I order from sent me a  ree cake mix for my Birthday so I whipped up a cake.  This is the first cake I’ve ever made that has no Eggs and is Soy based.  The batter was good anyway so..

I talked to a friend last night who has Propionic like I do and she also gets diarrhea when her Protein is off.  To bad we never really discussed this before because it’s good to know that it affects us all.  I’ve been doing a lot better monitoring that thanks to Spark Fitness.

I’ve been kidding around with my husband since he joined a gym.  I don’t know if I mentioned that he accidentally broke the main line of our Jacuzzi and instead of spending lots of money to get it fixed, he decided to join the local gym which has one.  I was teasing that now he is going to get all buff and in shape and not be attracted to me anymore.  Truth is, I just cannot exercise right now.  I am way to uncomfortable but as soon as I get these stupid Hemorrhoids taken care of I plan to get back on track, myself.  I have an Exercise Bicycle here and DVD’s and a Jump Rope,  plus, there is a nearby park.  Of course, there is also Curves which I’ve considered but I would really have to check that out and make a commitment for that.  But, in the future, I think we will both be on the right track.

In A Doctors’ Time

I saw the Nephrologist yesterday and was quite perturbed upon arriving on time and hearing that” He stepped out for a while because no one was here but he should be back in about twenty minutes.  He knew he had patients.  Don’t worry you are the 1st one.”  This is the same doctor that makes people wait 1-3 hours for him and the doctor I re-scheduled last week because I got tired of waiting.  He showed up a little over half hour later and I was the first one seen.                        The appointment went well (as expected).  He doesn’t say much.  He did say to send him over the ingredients of Focus Factor (or I may just send any other Focus Vitamin/Med I may consider) so he can check out the ingredients but he does not agree with natural things since they aren’t proven and I cannot take Ginseng since I’ve had a Kidney Transplant.  The only thing he can recommend for my focus problem due to my ADD is to play Brain Games which I think are the ones by Luminosity so I’ll have to check those out.  I wonder if Solitaire and Slot Machines count because I play those quite often.

I got the inside of the house decorated today and this wknd we are probably going to do the outside.  It shouldn’t take long because we really don’t have much to put up as a lot of it was gotten rid of last year for one reason or another but I did buy something new this year and I will probably buy one thing new every year like I do at Halloween.  I never know if it will be for the inside or out but I’ve been trying to theme the house Snowman pretty much although I do have some Santa and Reindeer as well as a few other things here and there.

It’s funny, I alway’s say I like the Snow but I sure don’t like the cold so I don’t think I could live in it.  I live in So. CA and I am already looking forward to receiving my fleece-lined pants I ordered from Haband.  I am really hoping I don’t have a problem this time.  The last company I ordered them from they fit horrible.  But, I’ve bought clothes from Haband for years so I think they might actually fit this time.  One thing I would like about Snow though is to see it fall, I’ve only seen that happen once in my life and then if I remember correctly, it turned into slush like right after.  To watch an actual Snowflake and maybe to catch it on your tongue might be really magical.