Needing Help Focusing

Tuesday night I went grocery shopping and spent over $200.00 on food.  I cannot believe how high food prices are getting.  I bought everything to make Lasagna for my husband which I’ve never made before but I am going to find the recipe and I am going to give it a shot.  Plus, I think I’ll make my from scratch Biscuits.  When it’s gets cold, I like to bake.

I was in a really good mood yesterday and I think I talked a mile a minute at the Therapist.

  I was looking forward to going to dinner with my friend Lisa last night and we wound up going to a really good Indian Restaurant in Buena Park, CA titled “Neel Kamal’.  They need more Dinner customers as most of their business comes for the lunch buffet and for take-out and we were the only ones there for dinner. 

I am really having a rough time finding something  to take to help me focus with myADD.  The Pharmacist even laughed when I asked her about Fish Oil or if there is a vitamin or anything for that purpose.  My Primary did say I could try Focus Factor and see if it works but he doesn’t understand that I’ve had a Kidney Transplant and I have to be really careful on some of those herbs and things (I guess) that some of the doctors don’t believe in.  Plus, all the vitamins in Focus Factor or some of those other things of that nature may be to much or to little with the Multiple the doctor has already required me to take.  Adderrall is pretty much a definite NO due to the side effect of weight loss.



  1. From all the research I’ve done so far and all of the sites for ADD I’ve visited I have concluded that the meds all have that side effect in common, suppressing the appetite. Even nausea for a while. I also suffer from lack of appetite but the nausea has mostly gone away now. I take 30mg of slow release Dexedrine; starting with 15 mg of it at first. It has now been 4 months since I started and I have gone down 2 sizes but seem to be maintaining at this point. I actually have to set reminders for every 2 hours throughout the day so that I will eat something, and what I do eat must be portable, easy to prepare and not junk. I usually eat pieces of fruit or veggies with a couple of crackers and some cheese. By the time supper comes around, I am able to eat the meal but what I consume is about half of what I used to eat. The medication is a pain in the butt however it is necessary. And, it is difficult not to have to jump from one med to another, as they all have different effects on different people. My doctor watches closely, sends me for blood tests way too often for my tastes and takes my blood pressure every time I see him (which is important). Difficult search, but well worth the trying. If the medications are an absolute NO GO, then you will truly need to accept the lack of focus as just part of who you are and that’s that. I never really minded that part so much, and I’ve used to known for amusing people to no end with stories of all the funny happenings of my disorganized, lightening quick mind:) Once I no longer have to be part of the work force I plan to stop the meds. They won’t be necessary and I like flitting around from one thing to another:)

    • If all the meds have that side affect, they will not work. I have an underlying metabolic disorder which causes problems with weight and I cannot be losing. I do not work however, I am just driving myself crazy as I can feel/see the focus issue getting worse.

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