No Christmas Tree For Me

I am sick today. ..coughing, sneezing, headache, chills.  I pray this is a one-day thing. 

My Lasagna last night turned out really good however, my funny husband always asks if I followed directions exactly the first time I cook anything.  He doesn’t cook at all but he thinks that’s the only way to make anything; at least the first time.  If I followed this one exactly, I would have purchased ingredients we would never use again.  It turned out really good and it was from scratch and the end result is what matters.

Well, I’d been considering getting a Christmas Tree this year as we have not had one in 6 years and my Sister is coming.  It would have been nice for her to see the Christmas ornaments they sent as gifts hanging from the tree.  However, the reason we cannot have a Christmas Tree is our cat Firepie EATS plants.  I cannot have any flowers, tree’s, plants, etc.. in the house.  She even eats fake plants.

  A  friend gave me some flowers when I returned from the hospital and I even put them on top of the Refrigerator and Firepie knocked it down to eat them.  Then someone gave me a fake plant decoration and she tried to eat that.

  I’m sorry but my freaky cat is more important than a Christmas Tree.



  1. Congrats on the lasagna! As for following recipes…well, I will confess to hardly ever following them exactly:) Once in a while, I have a successful meal, one that is attractive, tasty and not quite what the recipe called for LOL I dislike cooking, it being the most difficult thing I’ve had to contend with when I was not taking ADD medication. Now that I am taking my meds? Still not my favourite thing to do, but it is far less stressful than it used to be!
    I have a dog and 2 cats that are fascinated with the tree…especially the youngest one. I hadn’t even finished putting the ornaments on the tree before she was in it knocking something off! Fortunately none of my animals eat plants or trees, fake or living. I used to have a couple of pets that did and I too could not have anything in the house that even remotely resembled a living plant or tree…I did have silk plants at that time, which, for some reason, they did not eat. If it was plastic, though, watch out:)

  2. I enjoy Baking. A lot of the things I cook though I don’t eat because I am a Flexitarian and my husband eats meat. I am trying to make new things for him because he said he gets bored of the same stuff all the time.

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