Feeling Better & Future Exercise Option

I am starting to feel a bit better although the cough is hanging on.  I definitely got enough sleep this wknd.  Luckily, it was more of a super bad Cold then a Sinus Infection this time. 

I need to get going on decorating the inside of this house and finish shopping.  I should be completely done but there are those last few I’ve discovered I’ve missed as I was wrapping packages not to mention I have to finish wrapping packages to get them ready and mailed by next week probably.

My husband broke the main pipe of the Jacuzzi yesterday and decided to get trid of the Jacuzzi and join a Gym instead which is fine because I have a Jacuzzi Bathtub.  I, myself, cannot even consider joining a Gym until after I see a specialist about my Hemorrhoids (which is scheduled on the 14th) and get that taken care of and even after that is taken care of, I sincerely doubt I will join the same gym should I join one at all because we just do not have the right types of personalities to be working out together.  He is the type to be making me do things right and in order and in a certain time frame versus letting me do things on my own and going to the gym would not be an enjoyable experience.  Should I ever get comfortable enough to work out in a gym type atmosphere, it would probably be a woman’s only type gym like Curves.