Acting Weird Without Drinking

I went to a party on Saturday with a lot of people I went to High School with.  Some I’d seen at a party last year however to make it more confusing this time, a lot of people who showed up were from 2-3 graduating years back.  I have always been terrible at faces and names.  I can barely remember my neighbors from a few days ago.  If you are not in the expected setting  I just don’t recall who you are.  An ADD characteristic, perhaps?  Anyway, I wound up having a conversation with someone I thought was someone else,  (Luckily, they would be drunk by the end of the evening so hopefully won’t remember it.)     having a conversation with someone of whom I had no idea who they were until someone came up and said “Hi So and So” and introduced themselves. and hugging someone and saying, “Oh, It’s good to see you” when the person I hugged wasn’t the person I meant to hug at all, but somebody told me they were.”   I did not even drink at the party and have not had a drink in about a year.  I have simply had no desire to and I think I have been nervous of the possible reactions of drinking due to all the medications I am taking.

I love to help people at Christmas (or anytime actually) and someone posted on the main Operation Christmas Child Facebook Wall that they may not be able to provide Christmas for her 7-year-old Grand-Daughter so I called and talked to the lady before going to Walgreen’s and buying some gifts: and mailing a box of stuff along with all the other gifts I sent out today.

  I pray the bills won’t be to high this month but I believe God put this on my heart so he will provide.  I mean we will be able to afford the bills.  I just hate the thought of having overspent especially when I am usually so good about buying most everything early.  Most of the extra spending on Christmas this year went to help other people with only a few last-minute gifts I had not bought yet and postage was a bit but could have been much worse if my sister wasn’t coming and picking up her packages.  I am thankful this year that postage goes by weight.


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  1. I think you are right, that inability to put the correct name to a face is probably an ADD thing, if not, then we both are the same way in any case. I’ve tried all those tricks on how to recall a name etc. but nothing has worked, so even though I never forget a face I just never remember a name either LOL And I warn people of that now:)
    I do not see a problem with spending a little to help someone unfortunate and my husband and I have done so all of our lives. Especially the children, we always help the children. Keep in mind that all the money you spend on others is actually coming from your future retirement fund…as that time draws near you will see that you have not saved nearly enough. Mostly we say what the hell! we’ll make do like we’ve always done. A simple life is what we crave the most and helping children has made us happy. We know in the future that we will have to give only of our time instead of our cash. Nothing wrong with sharing even if you have a little bit to share. So, bravo for you for helping someone build a nice memory and restoring their faith in the world:)

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