Nightmare Doc Appointment

So, I saw the doctor yesterday for my Hemorrhoids.  What a nightmare!  I waited almost 2 hours for the doctor to tell me I am not a candidate for surgery and to bag on me about the pain as well as to say I mainly have Skin Tags down there.  I swear, I told him I have pain just using the restroom and he still jams this tool in my rectum that spins and as I’m practically crying for him to take it out says, “if you can’t handle this; you definitely wouldn’t be able to handle surgery.”  When I said, “Well, Wouldn’t I be asleep?” he goes, “Not during recovery.  We can’t keep you asleep forever.”  He said even with surgery the Hemorrhoids will still come back and I guess most of mine have shrunk anyway but I guess I have quite a few Skin Tags back there and they will just grow with age because he is not going to cut them off.  When I asked him, what I am going to do about this pain and if it will ever go away..he goes, “I can’t answer that.”  His only advice was to use suppositories that don’t have Cortisone and use Baby Wipes instead of Toilet Paper.  One of  his assistant girls told me to take lots of  warm baths which I enjoy anyway.   This  doctor is really not a specialist in this.  However, he does a lot of  Laparoscopic and other surgery and deals with many patients who suffer from Hemorrhroids. 

 My husband’s boss apparently has had surgery for this so if I don’t feel better soon I may try to get into see his Colorectal Specialist or whatever the title is (the one that did his Hemorrhoid surgery) and get another opinion.  In the meantime, I continue to suffer but I use Baby Wipes which I throw in paper bags in the trash verse T/P. as often as possible.  A bit gross. 

 I feel like I should be one of those Hoarder people I see on t.v. all the time.  But wait, then I may as well be just throwing the bags in the living room after filling them up.  lol