Do I Really Need A Church Home?

First the gross news – I crapped my pants in my sleep last night.  What the…?  The last time that unexpectedly happened (during the day) was when I discovered I had I.B.S.  Totally disgusting.  But, asleep?  Anyway, it may have had to do with the fact that I had gotten up early the day before and stayed up late while my sister was over plus I went way over my Protein requirement the day she left; and that was the same day we got the dog we are babysitting which I won’t even get into right now other than to say it is wild so I was exhausted last night.  Maybe the combination of all those things threw my body off in this very disgusting way.  But, I had to post this since it is health related and this is my Health Blog after all.

I am questioning church again.  I sort of miss my old church but I don’t feel comfortable going back because I don’t like the way things ended.  I feel as if I was sort of pushed out and things didn’t end fairly but we won’t go there since that’s the past.  Since the Halloween situation and the inadvertent debate with Pastor at the church I attend now I sort of  feel as if I am being  judged differently.  I almost have to be careful as to what I say there as I cannot show who I really am.  Plus, I’ve noticed they talk about members and others behind their backs so I can only imagine what is said when I am not around. 

 I don’t want to be obligated to go to church every Sunday and have people call me or make me feel guilty when I don’t.  I know my relationship with God.  My sister had an idea of attending a Non-Denominational church which I may try.  I will have to choose one my neighbors (that I know of) do not attend though.  I did not realize Calvary is Non-Denominational.  When I do not attend church now;  I still listen to the free web sermons I find on the internet which covers the main message I need to hear without all the unneeded stuff I don’t.