A Bit of Stress

Yesterday was quite upsetting.  I am only allowed sushi once a year so I have to find a restaurant that serves Uni (Sea Urchin) which is my favorite.  My friend B and I had it all set before discovering the place we usually go to has closed.  We tried two more places that didn’t have Uni and wound up at Del Taco, my phone stopped working except for telling me per message that we hadn’t paid the bill.  My husband said we have not received one.  I called the company this morning (Virgin) and it turns out we/I will not receive a written bill and will have to Top Off every month on a certain date.  So, S and I will just work out the payments.  The phone itself was a bit expensive (not to bad) so I can consider that my B-Day/Christmas gift.

  Then, while driving home my right leg (Driver’s Leg) decided to get that terrible pain I get periodically that can get almost paralyzing so I had to pull into a parking lot and sort of march around for a bit before continuing home while praying the whole time.

This week is stressful as we are taking care of a dog for my husbands’ boss and it is a 1 and a half your old puppy mixed with Pit, Lab and ??  She has had no training and nearly knocks me down when she jumps on me.  She is like a child and  into everything and we have to keep her separate from our animals.  She spends most of her time in the back yard and I feel guilty because it is cold however she does have a heated doghouse.  She is constant ly chewing on bark or something.  Plus, i am walking my dog approx 2x per day now and he is getting worn out not being used to this.  This visiting dog is going home on Monday and I am on count-down.

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