Christmas Adventures

Christmas was  interesting this year.  Not the being sick part. I get used to that having been sick a lot in my life.  I really enjoyed visiting with my sister and bro-in-law when they were here but the day they left, Steve’s friend dropped his dog off for us to babysit for 8 days.  The dog is a Pit/Lab mix, 1- 1/2 -year-old  puppy named Coco who has never been trained.  Our 12-year-old Corgy made it known that he did not want her here and the cat took one look through the glass door and bolted.  We tried putting our animals in separate rooms and letting Coco in but she immediately went for our animals toys, knocked stuff on counters, etc..  Coco chewed up a decoration, ate a used tissue from the trash, dug in the yard, ate sticks, chewed our jacuzzi and tore up her own bed.  She stood up and scratched the glass door also.  Needless to say, Coco was a handful.  We took our Corgy for 2-3 walks a day which was almost to much for him.  The cat started to get a bit curious but when she would look at Coco, Coco would bark at her and jump at the glass door.

Aside from being sick, I was exhausted by the time Coco left last night.  I slept until 10 a.m. today.

I’ve been feeling a bit odd and have not mentioned it to Steve yet because I don’t want to be imagining things.  I just pray nothing serious is going on.  My muscles have been aching everywhere and I have started having just weird pains.  I was reading about Kidney Rejection and it said to watch out for flu-like symptoms.  Of course, I could also have a minor touch of the flu.  Some warning signs are vomiting and/or fever which I do not have.  Others are clay colored stool, and other flu like symptoms which I do.  I will wait for a few days and see how I am since my P.C. is gone until the 29th anyway and see how I feel by next week.  If I don’t feel better by then, I will go see him.


  1. Definitely go see the doc…no bravado or pushing aside the concerns about something serious! Such a serious possibility is reason enough to be extra careful with your health. Besides, the last thing you need is more health problems, right? Make that appointment internet friend, OK?:)
    Sounds like the holiday season was no picnic for you. I must admit, though, that I kinda chuckled at the various adventures Coco had while at your place:) Of course, I can easily see the humour since it wasn’t happening to me. Keeping in mind that Coco was more than likely feeling a lot of challenges himself, what with being on hostile territory (Corgy home base) and the potential of grand fun with the cat if he could only get at it!:) It’s a lot of work taking care of someone else’s pet, especially when you still have your own pets to protect and care for. You are very generous in nature to agree to care for a “strangers” pet, friend of the hubby’s or not. I’m sure I would have agreed to it as well, only to regret it afterwards. I’m not big on housework and all that extra cleaning up would have done me in for sure!
    Now, try to get some rest. You’ve more than earned it:)

    • Your right to laugh, it was a bit humorous under the circumstances. There was alway’s something new with that dog that was for sure. Every day we discovered something else she was chewing on or doing bad. She is definitely an untrained puppy.

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