Health Update..Not Again.

I had written a post a while back about becoming a recluse.  I think my therapist has it right when she said something about once my stomach gets better I may what to go out and do more.  I can’t stand my body now and don’t want to go anywhere in public it is so embarrassing.  After using a public restroom, I can hardly make eye contact with whoever is at the sink since my body is so stinky and noisy that I’ve had to courtesy flush at least 3x while in the stall.  I’ve given up my Bible Study group because I don’t even like using her bathroom knowing someone may use it after me or I may be in there to long or my stomach may make some weird noise in the middle of the study.  Surprisingly, I found out today that she (my neighbor heading the study) is probably going to stop anyway because she is just to busy for it.

Then, I have developed another sore throat or at least it feels as if my left gland might be swollen and my left ear is aching terribly periodically.  How can one get sick by barely going anywhere?  I don’t think I’ve been anywhere in a month except maybe the grocery store.

Chore Distribution

I am going grocery shopping today.  Despite my stomach issues (which I have every day anyway) I have no more excuses.  I went through the Coupons and made the List yesterday.  I cannot stand grocery shopping.  It takes hours due to going down every aisle but we are about out of food.  My husband used to go with me but he hates it too,  plus, that is actually considered a “Woman’s Job”.

Before we got married,  we discussed the jobs of women and men.  He said he would do the “guy things” and I would do the “girl things.”:

One day,  a light was on in the car and when I asked him to check it, S said, “Oh, you need to check the Oil.  I’ll show you how to check the Oil.”  without a beat I said, “Okay, and I’ll show you how to cook Spaghetti.”  The look on his face was priceless as he said, “What?”  I responded, “Well, if a guy does “guy things” and a girl does “girl things”..taking care of a car is a guy thing and cooking would be a girl thing.”

He has never asked me or offered to show me anything about car oil again.  This is not only the way to figure out chores but also a good way to take care of an argument before it starts.

Need To Re-Start Exercising

Okay, Let’s see..the night before the Hearing I got a Migraine, the day of the Hearing – I was okay, the morning after, I was in utter pain again.  That’s me..most of the time I get Migraine’s after the stress is over.

I went to the lab for blood today.  I have a new system of getting up super early to drink lots of water before-hand so I can give them enough urine.  Today, I drank water then had stomach issues and prayed to God I would still have enough.  Yeah, I did.  I need to start drinking more water.

I also need to start exercising again despite the fact that it’s cold and it’s really the last thing I want to do when I’m cold or I have stomach issues.  My muscles have been starting to hurt probably from lack of use.  So, I am going to start my routine again this afternoon.  It may not be 30 minutes today because I have really let myself get out of shape.  But I used to be really proud of myself and I know I can get back on track.

I Can Rest Easier Now

The Disability Hearing went Fantastic!  The Disability Lady she is going to reverse her decision and my Disability will be continued.  I won’t have to go through this again for another 3 years.  It totally helped that we went overkill on all the paperwork.

My D-Day Hearing Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the Disability Hearing.  If you are a Christian, Please Pray For Me!  I’ve done the best I can with getting everything together.  I am so thankful to my wonderful husband who actually did most of it as this was really confusing.  Now I just hope I can vocalize everything I feel and go through or answer.. whatever.  That is the hardest part, I think.

Health & Food


My stomach bothered me almost all night last night and woke me up 3-4 times; one time even causing an accident.  Plus, I was coughing, sneezing, freezing again.  If this stuff is not gone I don’t know what to do.
I am starting to wonder if the stomach got so bad because I had Pizza.  I love Pizza but it tends to have a bad effect on me.  Although, so can the Potato Salad I finished and sometimes to much Olive Oil maybe or.. but maybe I should cut out Pizza entirely.  I don’t know.  I should at least finish the other half in the frig first (it’s a Personal Pan) although I should probably wait until Friday after the Hearing.  Who knows with me?.. I am and always will me a mess.  I pray I can convince Disability of this.
I have a Sausage/Potato Dish in the Crock-Pot which completely grossed me out.  It’s not so bad now but I had to touch the Sausage which was totally disgusting.  I’m trying to make different things for my husband

Hope Thx To More Problems

The Disability notes pretty much stop in 2010.  They barely have anything on me.  I’ve gotten much worse since then.    The main problem is that a lot of my problems don’t have a lot of hard evidence to back it up plus I have a lot of difference problems going on and I think Disability likes to focus on a main one.  Plus, my claim started with my Kidney Problems however, since then we have discovered problems due to my Metabolic Disorder and my ADD has been causing problems since I have gotten older and I’ve had to adjust my depression medication.  I could go on but it is Disability I need to convince.

Anyway, I am getting copies of my medical records from as many doctors as I can despite the fact that I only have 2-3 days to go pick up the copies.

I finished the last of the Z-Pak the day before yesterday (I think) and I am finally feeling a bit better.  I am still a bit off and am afraid to go visit everyone again yet but ..

This Will Go Away Someday, Won’t It? I know I’m going to get over this eventually but I still have to wonder just how long this is going to hang on.  Tired of freeze/sweating and headaches.  I had to sweep the floor to the library and clean up a broken plate which had me wiped out.

I was reading my Bible last nite when all of a sudden I noticed a string on the wall with no plate.  It didn’t register at first..I Baby Plate has hung there for over a year (since my mother passed away) and in my mind I was like, did I take that down for Christmas?..I don’t think so.  Then, it hit me.  It must have somehow fallen off the string.  Maybe Firepie knocked it off.  Wait..then, where is the plate.  Oh, I hope it didn’t break.  It did.  Shattered in like tons of pieces.  I picked up the big pieces but had to sweep the little ones up today.

Tomorrow we go review the file at Disability to see what they are using against me.  Then, this wknd we finish putting our packet together and continue to pray for next Friday.  In the meantime, I also continue to pray for my health.

Becoming A Recluse

(Sing to the tune of “Where Have All The Flowers Gone”)..I don’t know why it is double-spaced but it won’t let me fix it.

“Where have all the comments gone?

Long time passing

Where have all the comments gone

Long time ago…”

Hmm, So is my blog getting boring?  It is called “Strange and Unhealthy Life” so forgive me if my sickness bores you.  It actually bores me too.  Then again, I guess boring isn’t the word for it.  It isn’t really boring when your on the toilet time and time again writhing in agony from your Stomach or Hemorrhoids or Skin Tags or you’re in bed almost screaming in pain while waiting for your migraine meds to work.

It is really cold out so I am staying warm in the house.  I like my house and I hate the cold anyway.  I think I am becoming a Recluse with how much I like staying in my house.  I am not depressed like I was where I had to force myself to go out.  I just don’t want to..unless there’s a reason.  I have most everything here.  I even shop from home.  Except groceries and prescriptions which I pick-up from Walgreen’s which is right around the corner.  Why leave? when I can stay home with my animals?  I’ve even found some super cool church websites on the computer and a religious  t.v. show On-Demand.

Speaking of church, I’ve noticed I haven’t heard from anyone in the new church I had been going to.  Obviously nobody cares that I am no longer attending.  Pastor used to call when I’d missed more than 2 weeks.  Ever since our Halloween debate, things have changed.  Who knows what they are saying about me since I’ve gone.  I had noticed they gossip about those who have left.

 It’s funny but I’m reading a book my friend gave me for Christmas titled, ‘Tired of Trying to Measure Up.’  by Jeff VanVonderen and originally when she gave it to me, I thought she was crazy and I wouldn’t like it; but it has a chapter that is really fitting in and making sense now.  The chapter is talking about shame-based systems and how you can be raised in a shame- based system as well as how some churches have shame-based systems, and I think I have been in both of those situations on different levels.  I have also been in quite a few relationship shame-based systems.  With what I am seeing of society and the way people act toward one’s no wonder I am starting to prefer becoming a Recluse.

Hey, what does LOL really stand for..Laugh-Out-Loud or Lot’s-Of-Laughs.  I’ve alway’s wondered.  Not that it really matters.  It’s silly anyway but I’ve alway’s preferred it to mean Lot’s-Of-Laugh’s.

Nasty Nightmare & Nasty Side Effects

Well, I started the Z-Pak today and discovered it has a side effect of causing/increasing diarrhea which I already had.  Not fun.

I don’t know if I mentioned but I have a Disability Hearing scheduled for the 20th which is causing a bit of stress.  We are going on Friday to review the file to see what their case is.  I already have 3 doctors writing letters to help me out this time.  It’s ridiculous how so many people get away with abusing the system but those of us that have numerous problems and really need it have such a hard time continuing on Disability.

I woke up with tears running down my face from a horrible nightmare.  I dreamed my husband gave or talked me into giving my cat away.  We were at some conference thing and originally we gave her to the leader (whom I think was my Therapist) who in turn gave her to some rude, Arab guy.  I kept saying, “I want my cat back.”  My husband asked if he would change his mind and he said “No.”  Then on the last day, the leader made some sort of speech about how we had all learned to get along with one another but the Arab guy felt like he was being harassed so she was letting him leave early and I started freaking out and screaming not to let him take my cat.  My cat’s name is Firepie. But, he yelled at me and said, “She’s my cat now and her name is PieHole.” – – Needless to say, I was so thankful to wake up and have her cuddled in her usual place next to me.

I think a lot of this dream has to do with the fact that I gave some stuff to a family who lost their house and cat and guinea-pig in a fire, plus, I’ve been keeping up with the news and all the shooting and killing in other countries.  After I’d heard about the fire, I made my husband check the Smoke Detectors.  I’ve just been a bit paranoid since then.