Trying To ManageTime

As hard as it is, I really need to start  working on my timing of things.  I get so distracted on this computer I barely start anything until noon each day.  This computer is my main way of socialization.  Surprisingly, I actually prefer it that way.  I have a few friends I am close to and I enjoy spending time with but other than that, it’s hard to meet people and I’m not the going out shopping/eating type.  I never was the mall shopping type and now I’m never comfortable to walk far distances…wonder if I ever will be again?  but I digress.. and as for going out to eat..Well.. Now, that I have to measure everything.. it’s fine but it’s sort of a hassle having to figure out where to go and then trying to figure the menu before-hand if at all possible so I don’t go to far over my allotted Protein requirement and suffer in the long run.

I really need to work on my Disability situation this week-end since I have a Hearing scheduled on the 20th and this will more likely be the last Hearing they give me.  It’s so tiresome having to continue to prove that I am disabled.  What with my stomach issues, the pain of my Skin Tags/Hemorrhoids and how often I get URI’s,  Sore Throats and Colds, Migraines or other symptoms of something..attendance alone would get me fired if I try to work.  Plus, the issue of focus is really bad for me and I really do not want to take medication just for that purpose what with all the other meds I take now.