Becoming A Recluse

(Sing to the tune of “Where Have All The Flowers Gone”)..I don’t know why it is double-spaced but it won’t let me fix it.

“Where have all the comments gone?

Long time passing

Where have all the comments gone

Long time ago…”

Hmm, So is my blog getting boring?  It is called “Strange and Unhealthy Life” so forgive me if my sickness bores you.  It actually bores me too.  Then again, I guess boring isn’t the word for it.  It isn’t really boring when your on the toilet time and time again writhing in agony from your Stomach or Hemorrhoids or Skin Tags or you’re in bed almost screaming in pain while waiting for your migraine meds to work.

It is really cold out so I am staying warm in the house.  I like my house and I hate the cold anyway.  I think I am becoming a Recluse with how much I like staying in my house.  I am not depressed like I was where I had to force myself to go out.  I just don’t want to..unless there’s a reason.  I have most everything here.  I even shop from home.  Except groceries and prescriptions which I pick-up from Walgreen’s which is right around the corner.  Why leave? when I can stay home with my animals?  I’ve even found some super cool church websites on the computer and a religious  t.v. show On-Demand.

Speaking of church, I’ve noticed I haven’t heard from anyone in the new church I had been going to.  Obviously nobody cares that I am no longer attending.  Pastor used to call when I’d missed more than 2 weeks.  Ever since our Halloween debate, things have changed.  Who knows what they are saying about me since I’ve gone.  I had noticed they gossip about those who have left.

 It’s funny but I’m reading a book my friend gave me for Christmas titled, ‘Tired of Trying to Measure Up.’  by Jeff VanVonderen and originally when she gave it to me, I thought she was crazy and I wouldn’t like it; but it has a chapter that is really fitting in and making sense now.  The chapter is talking about shame-based systems and how you can be raised in a shame- based system as well as how some churches have shame-based systems, and I think I have been in both of those situations on different levels.  I have also been in quite a few relationship shame-based systems.  With what I am seeing of society and the way people act toward one’s no wonder I am starting to prefer becoming a Recluse.

Hey, what does LOL really stand for..Laugh-Out-Loud or Lot’s-Of-Laughs.  I’ve alway’s wondered.  Not that it really matters.  It’s silly anyway but I’ve alway’s preferred it to mean Lot’s-Of-Laugh’s.