This Will Go Away Someday, Won’t It? I know I’m going to get over this eventually but I still have to wonder just how long this is going to hang on.  Tired of freeze/sweating and headaches.  I had to sweep the floor to the library and clean up a broken plate which had me wiped out.

I was reading my Bible last nite when all of a sudden I noticed a string on the wall with no plate.  It didn’t register at first..I Baby Plate has hung there for over a year (since my mother passed away) and in my mind I was like, did I take that down for Christmas?..I don’t think so.  Then, it hit me.  It must have somehow fallen off the string.  Maybe Firepie knocked it off.  Wait..then, where is the plate.  Oh, I hope it didn’t break.  It did.  Shattered in like tons of pieces.  I picked up the big pieces but had to sweep the little ones up today.

Tomorrow we go review the file at Disability to see what they are using against me.  Then, this wknd we finish putting our packet together and continue to pray for next Friday.  In the meantime, I also continue to pray for my health.