Chore Distribution

I am going grocery shopping today.  Despite my stomach issues (which I have every day anyway) I have no more excuses.  I went through the Coupons and made the List yesterday.  I cannot stand grocery shopping.  It takes hours due to going down every aisle but we are about out of food.  My husband used to go with me but he hates it too,  plus, that is actually considered a “Woman’s Job”.

Before we got married,  we discussed the jobs of women and men.  He said he would do the “guy things” and I would do the “girl things.”:

One day,  a light was on in the car and when I asked him to check it, S said, “Oh, you need to check the Oil.  I’ll show you how to check the Oil.”  without a beat I said, “Okay, and I’ll show you how to cook Spaghetti.”  The look on his face was priceless as he said, “What?”  I responded, “Well, if a guy does “guy things” and a girl does “girl things”..taking care of a car is a guy thing and cooking would be a girl thing.”

He has never asked me or offered to show me anything about car oil again.  This is not only the way to figure out chores but also a good way to take care of an argument before it starts.

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  1. Good answer!:)
    We don’t divide things up like that here. And I am grateful for that, cause I suck at “girl” things.
    My husband gets the groceries in our household, and he has done it for about 5 years now. He’s really good at it too! Like a game for him, using coupons and shopping for the best bargains he can find using the most efficient route etc. When I did groceries, more often than not the list remained at home, buried amongst piles of other pieces of important papers:) And when I did bring a list I’d forget to look at it. Mostly I’d just rush through the store, grabbing whatever from the shelves and working myself into such a frenzy by the time I’d get to the line-up at the cash I’d be completely frazzled and ready to dive off the cliff:) By the time I’d get home with the groceries, I’d feel sick to my stomach, worn out for the rest of the day and cranky as all hell! Very unpleasant times for all:)
    ‘Cause I just had to share my pain of course! LOL
    Mostly, though, we do things as they happen, clean things that bug us. If it bothers someone, they know they need to clean it up because no one is going to do it for them. Haphazard and hardly spic and span, it is how we roll in this house. Keeps the peace. Works for me. After all, I’ve always made sure he understood from the beginning that I wasn’t his mother. He got that. And in the end, feels needed and satisfied when a job is well done.
    As for me, I still feel like “who cares?” As long as I’m not living in grossness, I’m content enough:)
    My standards are low. I think Martha Stewart is crazed.

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