Health Update..Not Again.

I had written a post a while back about becoming a recluse.  I think my therapist has it right when she said something about once my stomach gets better I may what to go out and do more.  I can’t stand my body now and don’t want to go anywhere in public it is so embarrassing.  After using a public restroom, I can hardly make eye contact with whoever is at the sink since my body is so stinky and noisy that I’ve had to courtesy flush at least 3x while in the stall.  I’ve given up my Bible Study group because I don’t even like using her bathroom knowing someone may use it after me or I may be in there to long or my stomach may make some weird noise in the middle of the study.  Surprisingly, I found out today that she (my neighbor heading the study) is probably going to stop anyway because she is just to busy for it.

Then, I have developed another sore throat or at least it feels as if my left gland might be swollen and my left ear is aching terribly periodically.  How can one get sick by barely going anywhere?  I don’t think I’ve been anywhere in a month except maybe the grocery store.