Not Hemorrhoids?

So, I saw my Nephrologist  today and since he wasn’t busy he actually listened to what I had to say and did a thorough check-up.  Surprise..Surprise.  He told me I don’t have Hemorrhoids and my Skin Tags are really small and should not be giving me any real problems. (I hate it when doctors say things like that.  What do they know?  They don’t have my body.)  However, I do have Rectal or Anal (whatever) least one that we know of which is a cut (like a Paper-Cut) inside the rectum which is probably why I am in so much pain.  He is prescribing some cream and gel

My favorite Thrift Shop is right down the street from there so I made a drop off at their donation center after the appointment.  I am really proud of myself.  I think this is one the first times I went to the drop-off center alone and did not go to the thrift store afterword.  It wasn’t for stomach reasons at that moment as more of there was nothing I needed plus they are having a sale next week not this one.