Not Hemorrhoids?

So, I saw my Nephrologist  today and since he wasn’t busy he actually listened to what I had to say and did a thorough check-up.  Surprise..Surprise.  He told me I don’t have Hemorrhoids and my Skin Tags are really small and should not be giving me any real problems. (I hate it when doctors say things like that.  What do they know?  They don’t have my body.)  However, I do have Rectal or Anal (whatever) least one that we know of which is a cut (like a Paper-Cut) inside the rectum which is probably why I am in so much pain.  He is prescribing some cream and gel

My favorite Thrift Shop is right down the street from there so I made a drop off at their donation center after the appointment.  I am really proud of myself.  I think this is one the first times I went to the drop-off center alone and did not go to the thrift store afterword.  It wasn’t for stomach reasons at that moment as more of there was nothing I needed plus they are having a sale next week not this one.



  1. Which store? Sounds like fun! But out of town on a much needed vaca next week!!

  2. Grateful Hearts Thrift in Los Alamitos.

  3. Ow! Paper cuts on the inside? Especially in that area? OW!

  4. I had something similar to the interior paper cuts a few years back that plagued me for years and just got worse and worse. Blood and pus was the norm back then, as well as so much discomfort wearing pants that I resorted to wearing only dresses/skirts! I’m a pants person, actually jeans person, so wearing dresses was xtremely unusual behaviour for me:)
    Anyway, I ended up in the hospital, where they operated to remove all that excessive scar tissue in the area that kept building up over a teeny tiny little paper cut that was infected and never healing. The operation was simple enough, I guess, the healing was long! I had this contraption set up on one of my toilets that was a bag full of clean, hot water with a long tube and I had this type of toilet seat similar to that for a child while I let that water run over the wound MANY, MANY times a day. It was the only relief I could get while the stitched cut healed:) I digress.
    As it turns out, it was like having boils that would infect, grow, burst, drain a little then scar over the infected part. I was always combatting a low grade fever, very tired and sluggish, my right ear and gland of the right side of my lower jaw would be swollen and hard in the morning when I woke up in the morning. My doctor could not figure out what was going on with me, prescribing antibiotic after antibiotic until he sent me to see a specialist who had seen this before, scheduled the surgery right away and boom.
    ALL ancient history now. I have the odd tiny “pimple” here and there that I try to ignore until it disappears, and some mornings wake up to a throbbing ear, but other than that no major issues.
    Yes. I know. I’m ignoring the obvious. It’s what I do.
    Yes. I know. I shouldn’t.
    Just don’t want to deal with it. Not right now.
    I will though. Really.

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