Unwanted Advice

If someone has an idea or is doing something that you think is good, you are welcome to praise them and tell them you think it is good but I don’t suggest giving unwanted advice on what they are doing.  Example:

I make Tote Bags and pass them out to the Homeless on the street.  I put in the Tote Bags what I feel God is leading me  to put in as well as what I feel necessary or they would like..soap, combs, soups or canned beans, Granola bars, kleenex, toothbrush, etc.  I do this because I want to and I feel good about it.  I feel as if this is my ministry that God has called me to do.  I do not preach to anyone, however, I am having cards made that simply say “God Loves You.” which I am going to include.

Usually when I bring this up for whatever reason..because I am buying something from the store or someone see’s the Tote Bag in my car or I happen to ask someone if they see a Homeless Person on the street to let me know so I can stop to pass it out, they are fine about it; but I have also had people say things like, “Don’t give them Granola Bars because a lot of Homeless people don’t have good teeth.” (if this was someone I am close to; I don’t mean to offend you.)

Mind you, this was a spin-off from a church idea which is doing the same thing but with Shoe-Boxes, but that is not the point.  Since this is not with an organization; there is no specific list as to what is to be included in my Tote-Bags.

The point is back to the main sentence which is you are welcome to develop your own idea’s  Tote-Bags, Shoe-Boxes, etc. and add your own things while appreciating what others are doing.