Bad Butter Habit

I Love Butter/Margarine!  I’m becoming a Pro at which taste best.  I used to love Country Crock but have since realized that it has way to much salt.  Salt is not even good for you and last I checked, we are not horses.  It tastes like a Salt Lick.

When I was young, I used to stick my finger in the butter container as often as I could.  Sadly, I still do.  Although, since I am older and germs are more of a worry..Who know’s where my finger has been? lol.  I use a spoon now or a fork or even a knife.. a utensil of some kind.   Usually, it’s just that extra taste before I put it in the frig but, the other night I actually caught myself craving for a small spoonful of butter and took it out of the frig.

I’m not sure my husband has caught on so if you know him; please keep this our secret.   He knows I like Butter and he knows  how I was as a child, I am just not sure what he knows about now.

Sometimes, I wonder if I could make money by entering a contest and eating a bowl of margarine or a stick of butter.  I’ve seen those contests and thought that might be fun.  I probably wouldn’t even get sick.  Of course, I would definitely need my Lactose Pill but..

Do you have any childhood habits you cannot or are just not willing to break?


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  1. I love butter too! We should start a butter loving fan club:) It is especially good on a crispy toasted English muffin, lots of butter slathered all over while it’s still warm so it melts and forms little pools of melted deliciousness in the holes, then a thin layer of raspberry jam, the kind with no added sugar/preservatives….yum yum yum.
    I remember when I was young we’d arrive at my grandmother’s house. We had to troop in and pay our respects while she put the dry old cookies and cold glasses of milk on the table for us, which we were obligated to eat/drink. Which I never did. They couldn’t make me and believe you me, they tried everything they could think of to get me to comply. Didn’t happen. Ever.
    What did happen was I would wait for the 1st opportunity to slip out and hightail it to one of my aunts’ house, where freshly baked bread, yummy butter and molasses was waiting for me. I would eat half a loaf of that still warm, light as air bread, which melted in my mouth almost as quick as the butter melted on the bread:) mmmm mmm mmmm mmm That is all I would whenever I was there, and she had it ready for me all the time. Poor Auntie. With so many troubles of her own, I’m truly surprised she managed to do this for me.
    But she did. And I remember her for it. Always.

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