Valentine’s Day & Romance


As you may have already guessed, my husband and I are not the mushy, romantic types.

When we were visiting his relatives, we sat through a movie titled ‘The Notebook’ and if it had been a theatre, I think we both would have walked out.  At the end of the movie, both of his sisters were in tears and they looked at us and asked why we weren’t crying?  I think I was almost gagging actually.  I have just not been into that stuff. A romantic book I like is ‘The Promise’ by Danielle Steele and my favorite movie of all time is ‘Gone-With-The-Wind’.  Even ‘Titanic’ is really good.  Those have some romance without all the sappiness which is just so out there and unrealistic.

For V-Day, I put up a few decorations and we went to dinner a few days ago..No, we didn’t dress up – However, I got to choose the candles or romance or blah…Just Black Angus for my Grilled Artichoke and my Baked Potato Soup.  If you like watching your spouse have cheese run down her chin while she eats soup, you could call it romantic. HA!  I got S. a few Laker’s things for his office and he ordered a few things from my Amazon Wish-List which probably won’t arrive until tomorrow since he used free shipping.

And, I started Phase 1 of the Room Change yesterday by switching out his closet so his work clothes are now in there.  It took me a few hours to get all my gift stuff out plus there was divider that was actually surprisingly easy to get out and shelves to be removed.  I am really hoping we can transfer them to a different closet so I can use them in there.  I have the Master Bedroom Closet and the poor man has had to use two separate closets in two other rooms of the house.  That would be inconvenient for most people to live that way forever and not have a closet in your own room I think; especially in a house in which you are paying the mortgage.

We live in a four bedroom house and we have sort of divided it so we each have two rooms to do what we want.  It is still our house but we have two rooms each to decorate, etc.  S. has his own Office and now Bedroom and I have my own Library and Bedroom.

I  would love to hear any comments/ opinions on this.