Computer Addiction

What was life like before the computer?  Do you remember?  Did things get done around the house that I needed and wanted to get done?  Did I read more?  Did I want to go out and do things?  I remember actually taking myself to the Mall or a movie because I was bored or going for a walk with my Walkman.

I need to slow down this addiction.  My ADD does not help..neither does the fact that everyone in the world has computers and cell phones with all the bells and whistles and now my phone has it all too.  My phone also has most everything the computer does.  But, I digress in a way.  How many times can I check the stats here in hopes they’ll change?  That’s ridiculous.

I need to clean and work on my house.  I need to start exercising more. My husband says I need to get outside and get some Sun.  Yes, I still need to buy some things via computer but I should probably allot a time for that like between the things I need/want to get done..just like I should do the same with my favorite FB game.

So, that’s my hope and goal..but how things pan out may turn into something else.  I have a lot of ambition lately but the follow-thru is yet to be seen.


  1. Or…you could just “go with it” until you get bored with it, at which time you will naturally move on to something else more interesting and exciting:) I know that it is bound to happen to me as well. Plus, there is really no incentive to stop using the computer which provides you with amusement in exchange for the drudgery of housework:) EWWWW…wouldn’t work for me, that’s for sure!
    Before the computer, I would devour book after book, magazine after magazine…spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on them. I had boxes and boxes of them, all so different, but each box containing evidence that my interests change quickly and I do move on to something else, sometimes very quickly if the info is not “bright, shiny and new to me enough” LOL

  2. I am not going to stop using the computer but try to cut the time down.
    You must have a husband with a mass amount of patience when it comes to house-cleaning. Mine is close but gets frustrated as is acceptable.

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