Mom & Cleaning

My mother used to clean house constantly.  We even talked about sex once and she actually told me when she was sexually aroused and dad was not around, she would clean the house. I was raised in a house that looked like it should be in a magazine.  We had a Living Room that we could not live in.  It was only used for company.  Two chairs we were not even allowed to sit on.  It drove me crazy.

I vowed not to be like my mother in a lot of ways which is probably why I am not the best of house cleaners.  I’ll admit that may not be one of the best traits to have avoided.

I really do have the best of intentions.  I have this vision of how I really want my Library to look once it is organized but now it is the messiest room of the house.  The more I try there seems to be no end in sight to the clutter.  It is mainly paperwork that needs to be shredded and sorted.  Plus, I need to make a donation drop-off soon which I am trying to wait until my friend comes over so I can go into the Vintage Store at the same time verses making another trip there.  I must admit it is hard to go there without going in to discover all the new things they have.

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