Okay, I’m Adjusting.

Wow, I write more here on WordPress then I do in my actual Diary.  Shouldn’t surprise me though.  I try to write in my Diary at least once a month but feelings really hit, plus, I think the idea that people really read this verses my Diary thoughts, my Diary simply go back in the drawer.

I’ve been seeing the Chiropractor about my back issues and I’ve also made a few changes here myself, as I’ve mentioned.  Today was the first time I actually let him crack me.  I’ve been to a few other Chiropractor’s and I will say that part just makes me nervous.  I have a lot of stomach issues as well and lately I’ve been feeling really bloated and it doesn’t matter what I eat.

Shopping Purchases & Review

My Therapist sort of the said the same thing my Chiropractor did, and mentioned my back pain may have something to do with the fact that I wear my Fanny Pack practically 24/7 instead of a purse.  So, I went to Target today and bought an actual purse;  It’s called a Crossover which is the new thing now.  I was a bit nervous about getting a purse because I am so forgetful and was afraid I would leave it somewhere but the Crossover lets you hang it crossways around your body as well as down your arm so nobody can steal it which is safer.  I’m not real thrilled with the one I chose but until I find one I really like, it’ll do.  While there, I also purchased a really cute hat.  I also blew up the Exercise Ball and am using that instead of a regular Desk Chair.  I do hope something starts to help soon as I have never had back pain before and it really hurts.

I also bought something else really cool while shopping.  A Scotch-Brite Disposable Toilet Scrubber Starter Pack.  I’ve mentioned before how much I Love house-cleaning. (insert sarcasm) so anything to make it easier, I’ll check out.  This thing looked really cool.  It’s got a Handle and Individually Wrapped Disposable Scrubbers with Built-In Cleaners & Pumice.  I had my husband put the Handle together so it didn’t break and I was totally surprised at how easy the Scrubber itself was to use.  It actually turned the water blue like the drop-ins, plus, I didn’t have to get my hands wet and it did what it said and got under the rim of the toilet.  The only drawback is the Scrubbers have to be dropped in the trashcan after use and cannot be flushed so you may want to consider having a plastic bag in your trashcan and they only come 6 to a box so if you have two baths you will be buying refills every month but to me, it’s worth it for the results.

Broken Household Item Cycle

I went to 3 stores yesterday looking for a small, programmable coffee-pot and wound up coming home and ordering a 4- Cup Mr.Cofee off of the internet.  The stores all carry the pod ones or the real cheap ones with just a switch, and most have very few of those.   The pod ones look beautiful and I’m sure are convenient for some, but then you have to spend money on the Pods, when to me it is cheaper to buy a whole can of ground coffee.

Anyway, after coming home and deciding  I better start cleaning the house, my vacuum decided to become super hard to push and to start smoking as I was vacuuming.  My husband said we need to purchase a new one anyway as I’ve already run over the cord at least once and we have taped it plus, it was starting to fray in a few places so he has been nervous that the vacuum was a fire hazard.

If  it isn’t one thing, it’s another around here.

ADD Hermit Side of Me

If my health problems (back problems) are not Kidney and purely spinal/muscular then why would I have sharp pains?  That makes no sense.  I’ve been to the Chiropractor twice so far and on Friday I go again and they re-evaluate to see if it is helping.  After 3 times, I am supposed to know this?  Really?  At a job, you get a 3 month probation.  This will be my third time seeing the Chiropractor since I started.

Last night I smacked the counter with the Coffee-Pot while washing it so now I have to buy a new Coffee-Pot.  I am thinking of getting a  4-8 cup this time since I am the only one that drinks it.   Although, I am wondering if small/short filters are hard to buy.

I may go to Target today to find out although since I hate going to the actual store, I may just purchase on-line… then again, I really need to get out and be social.  I don’t know if it’s my ADD side but I am borderline recluse and love staying in the house as much as possible.  When it gets really hot outside, things might be different but for now, I just enjoy doing everything from and at home.  Plus, I’ve always preferred shopping on-line for everything verses dealing with crowds.

Still Proud Even When Nobody Else Cares

Like many other Bloggers, I like to keep track of  Comments and Followers in hopes that someone is interested in what I have to say but, I just got to thinking… WordPress is really good as therapy and for getting your thoughts out.  The actual idea of Comments and Followers is just the added Bonus Feature.

While I would love to know what people think about the fact that China is starting to poison our dogs with the Chicken Flavored Dog Treats and while I would really find it wonderful to talk to others who may be going through Chronic Illness of some kind or who may be married to an Un-Believer, I guess it best to be content to continue to spew my thoughts on this blog which I continue to be proud of even on the days I get no comments and only one or two people choose to look at it.

In health news, I think I may blow up my Exercise Ball and start using that as a desk chair again as perhaps that is part of what is affecting my posture and my lower back problems, although I still don’t know if that is the main problem.

Slow Process Relief

Today I saw the Urologist who after seeing the Ct-Scan results believe my Kidney Stone/Cysts are not causing the pain but it is more of a Musco-Skeletal type problem in my lower back causing the pain.  He suggested I see a Chiropractor.  So, I came home and found a local chiropractor and went and saw him.  The Chiropractor believes I have been standing wrong so now I will be going to him numerous times, (I actually have 20 approved by my insurance company) in hopes that some of this pain will calm down.

American Made Animal Food

The new treats arrived for my dog today from Petmeds.  I live in SO. CA. and there was a big thing on the news about chicken treats from China making dogs sick.  If it isn’t us worrying about Pink Slime in our food, now we have to worry about this too.   Anyway, my dog is 13 years old so I am not taking chances and he is only getting American made products from now on.  I don’t care if it costs a little extra.

Also, I was watching the show, ‘My Strange Addiction’ last night and a repeat was on about a girl who ate cat treats as her complete diet.  When the doctor told her what chicken meal and other meal is made of, I thought I was going to vomit.  Why do we feed our animals food that are barely for human consumption?  No wonder my cat kept getting sick on her canned food when she was young and had to be taken off!  I have switched both my dog and cat to natural animal foods.  If you read the ingredients, they are actually made from foods humans eat.  So, are the new treats I just got for my dog.

I wonder if the girl on ‘My Strange Addiction’ would have munched on those instead of the other ones (like if she had actually read the label) if she would have been healthier in the end.  I don’t see a problem with munching on a cat treat once in a while, if that is your thing..but making it your main or only diet is going way overboard.

Heck, I remember one day we were out of snacks and my friend came over so we munched on a few Milk-Bone Dog Treats when I was young.  Needless to say, when my mother asked what we ate because she knew she hadn’t gone shopping yet and I told her, she made sure she we were stocked on chips or crackers from then on.

Helping A Stone Pass

Well, I chose a Urologist and have an appointment scheduled this Friday for a consultation.  My husband is taking the day (at least morning) off work and going with me.  The appointment is in Long Beach but after that I can start going to the  office which is closer to my house.

I’ve been reading about the passing of Kidney Stones and making the process easier and I know about not eating extra salt ( I usually don’t) but lately I’ve been snacking on Pumpkin Seeds which I probably should not or won’t be allowed to have anymore  so I had my last serving today.  I also read about needing more vegetables or vegetable juices and more WATER!  I don’t know why I have such a hard time drinking water.  We drink Arrowhead which is my favorite water, and we even have Perrier which I like, but I still have a hard time.

It isn’t so much that it’s water.  It’s any fluid actually.  I guess it’s the fact that drinking a lot of fluid makes me go to the restroom so often and I am in there so often anyway..it’s just completely annoying.

Next Step = Urologist

So, I talked to my Nephrologist and finally got it clarified that I have a Kidney Stone on my transplanted Kidney.  I had a Kidney Transplant 5 years ago.  He told me to contact Cedars-Sinai where I originally had the Transplant done as they may want to do a Systoscopy?  He also originally acted/talked like it was no big deal since it is a “small stone and not blocking anything.”  I told him I am in pain and had to ask him exactly in what area is the stone located.  He should have just offered that information..but of course he had to yell for his receptionist to check while we were on the phone.

Anyway, I called Cedars who said I need to see a Urologist about this so that is the good news anyway.

Now, it’s in God’s hands ans whichever Urologist is chosen on where we go from here.

Certificate of Incompetency

So I e-mail my Primary today and tell him to go a head and send the results of my CT to my Nephrologist then I call the Nephrologist a few hours later (like 4) to see if they received the fax and to have the doctor call me back after explaining the situation to the desk girl along with the fact that I am in pain and want to see a Urologist and want the doctor to call me back.  She goes, “Hold on, Let me check the Fax Machine.” then comes back to tell me they have not received the Fax yet.  I called the Primary back (they are alway’s on top of things.) who tells me the Nephrologist office got the fax at 9:37 a.m..  It’s like 2:00 p.m. now.  She said the Fax Machine stamps the time as it goes through…I tell her what was told to me by the Nephrologist girls so she re-faxes it.  So I call back the Nephrology office where the girls again say they never received it andI  let them know it is coming again.  I get a call within a half hour from the Primary girl telling me the fax was received by the Nephrologist office as the girls had talked to each other.  So, now I just wait and pray to hear from the Nephrologist.  He never called.

I really hurt and will have to call him again tomorrow.  I really hope a Urologist gets approved since I have not seen one before and I am so tired of dealing with the incompetent Nephrologist Office.

My husband said as soon as we get these stones figured out, I can go a head and change as I had originally planned.