Continuation of Ex Search Post

After 2 wrong numbers and calling Information ( I haven’t called them in years..almost forgot that number. HA!) I finally found the correct number for the father of my Ex’s Ex-Girlfriend.  I reached his Caregiver who took my information and said he will call me back.  I hope he is okay enough to remember who I am talking about.  I may need to find where his daughter is to get a hold of her although I really do not want to go that route if I don’t have to.  But, the first step is taken and I do feel a bit relieved.

I made it to the Lab today so I can now schedule the CT Scan soon.  I also went to Starbuck’s which I alway’s do after labs to treat myself after a rough morning then to Fresh-&-Easy which just opened in our area.  It’s a bit smaller than most of the others and I wasn’t overly impressed with their Vegetarian selections but they do have some really good things I’ve never tried and I love that it’s close.  One thing I don’t like though is doing my own bagging of groceries.  I did not choose to go shopping to be my own Bagger.  What are we paying employee’s for now?


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