I am in shock over what I found out today and I am a bit relieved and a bit not.  I had a long conversation with my Ex’s Ex-Girlfriends Mother.  Let me go back in case you haven’t been following.

I am writing a book about an abusive relationship I was in for about 4 years or more.  This took place many years ago.  At the time, he had a girlfriend prior to me who was still a big part of his life because they had a child together.  l am still in fear of this man and want/need to know where he is at present as I write my book.  Maybe in one way it will give me a conclusion for the book.  I remembered the name of her father and found his number.  I called yesterday and his Caregiver had said to call back today or he would call me.  I could not wait so I called back and her mother answered the phone.  Her mother remembered having a conversation with my mother once.

Suffice it to say, their daughter, (His Ex at the time)  is back with him and they live not to far from me.  Actually, close to the hospital I go to about every 3 months.  Apparently, he is still not working and she supports him.  He does not have a car.

She said I should not worry as he has probably forgotten who I even am; but she does not know him like I did.  His daughter wants nothing to do with him and calls him by his first name.  She and her husband practically raised his daughter (their Grand-Daughter) and she has a degree in psychology now.  I hope I didn’t make a mistake asking her if she would ask her Grand-Daughter to let me know if  he should ever die but it is something I would really like to know.  She said she and her husband are devastated that her daughter took him back.  I trust and pray that she will not mention to her daughter that I called.


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