Transplant Anniversary & House Projects

Today is the 5th Anniversary of my Kidney Transplant from my husband and I am still going.  The doctors said he was so healthy it should last about 10 more years before I need a new one.

I had my yearly check-up at Cedar’s-Sinai yesterday and then we went to Pechanga.  Unfortunately, we lost a bit but the Buffet was worth it, in itself.  I asked the Chef at the Pasta Bar to mix up some Spaghetti with Black Olives and Roasted Garlic only and he said, “That should look interesting.” and he made a huge fire while doing it.  It was totally cool.  The he offered to put White Wine on top.  Yummy.

We’ve finally started working on the house this wknd too.  We have recessed lighting in the Living Room now and a new light in the bedroom. (the weird fan/light we had before kept turning on or off by itself.  If you forgot to hit the switch, sometimes in the middle of the night you would wake up to the light and fan on.  It was crazy)  We are also having recessed lighting put in the Kitchen and we are having the Bedroom (soon the whole house) painted, a shelf put in the closet in the Library, the carpet taken up and hopefully the hardwood floors under it re-finished so we can go all hardwood, and more.

We’ve been talking about doing this forever.  So, it’s super exciting to be finally making some progress.


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