True Friends

So today I want to talk about Friends.

How many friends do you have on Facebook?

Now, if you didn’t have many friends would you actually have?

I can count my True Friends on one hand. Okay, maybe some fingers on the 2nd hand.too.  Some would say this is very sad but it is not the quantity of friends that makes the difference but the quality.

Friendship is extremely important to me and sometimes I wonder if I show my friends just how much they really mean to me.  I don’t drive much and most don’t live close; so I have to do so by listening and understanding as often as I can when we communicate.

My Therapist said I expect to much from my friends which is a comment that has bugged me for a long time. This is just not true.  I would say it used to be that I wanted friends so much that I trusted everyone with all my feelings in hopes that we could become friends and they would like me and accept me.

However, with the ones I have now; I only expect what I would be willing to do in return.  Listen, Share, Show up on time or call if late when planning time out, don’t “forget” when planning time out or saying you will call back.  I still get a bit sensitive when I believe we are close and discover big news has been shared with others before me or you “forgot” to call or show up.  How does one “forget” a friend?  Am I not that important that you cannot pick up the phone to say, “I’m sorry, I cannot make it or I’m running late. “Obviously, things happen but “I Forgot!”

I know some people are put in your life for only so long to pass through..maybe to help you learn something or maybe to help you teach them something.  For those, I hope I’ve made a positive difference.

As for the current, close friends that may be following this Blog.  I am proud to call you My Friend and hope we remain so for long time.


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