Helping A Stone Pass

Well, I chose a Urologist and have an appointment scheduled this Friday for a consultation.  My husband is taking the day (at least morning) off work and going with me.  The appointment is in Long Beach but after that I can start going to the  office which is closer to my house.

I’ve been reading about the passing of Kidney Stones and making the process easier and I know about not eating extra salt ( I usually don’t) but lately I’ve been snacking on Pumpkin Seeds which I probably should not or won’t be allowed to have anymore  so I had my last serving today.  I also read about needing more vegetables or vegetable juices and more WATER!  I don’t know why I have such a hard time drinking water.  We drink Arrowhead which is my favorite water, and we even have Perrier which I like, but I still have a hard time.

It isn’t so much that it’s water.  It’s any fluid actually.  I guess it’s the fact that drinking a lot of fluid makes me go to the restroom so often and I am in there so often’s just completely annoying.

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