American Made Animal Food

The new treats arrived for my dog today from Petmeds.  I live in SO. CA. and there was a big thing on the news about chicken treats from China making dogs sick.  If it isn’t us worrying about Pink Slime in our food, now we have to worry about this too.   Anyway, my dog is 13 years old so I am not taking chances and he is only getting American made products from now on.  I don’t care if it costs a little extra.

Also, I was watching the show, ‘My Strange Addiction’ last night and a repeat was on about a girl who ate cat treats as her complete diet.  When the doctor told her what chicken meal and other meal is made of, I thought I was going to vomit.  Why do we feed our animals food that are barely for human consumption?  No wonder my cat kept getting sick on her canned food when she was young and had to be taken off!  I have switched both my dog and cat to natural animal foods.  If you read the ingredients, they are actually made from foods humans eat.  So, are the new treats I just got for my dog.

I wonder if the girl on ‘My Strange Addiction’ would have munched on those instead of the other ones (like if she had actually read the label) if she would have been healthier in the end.  I don’t see a problem with munching on a cat treat once in a while, if that is your thing..but making it your main or only diet is going way overboard.

Heck, I remember one day we were out of snacks and my friend came over so we munched on a few Milk-Bone Dog Treats when I was young.  Needless to say, when my mother asked what we ate because she knew she hadn’t gone shopping yet and I told her, she made sure she we were stocked on chips or crackers from then on.

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