Still Proud Even When Nobody Else Cares

Like many other Bloggers, I like to keep track of  Comments and Followers in hopes that someone is interested in what I have to say but, I just got to thinking… WordPress is really good as therapy and for getting your thoughts out.  The actual idea of Comments and Followers is just the added Bonus Feature.

While I would love to know what people think about the fact that China is starting to poison our dogs with the Chicken Flavored Dog Treats and while I would really find it wonderful to talk to others who may be going through Chronic Illness of some kind or who may be married to an Un-Believer, I guess it best to be content to continue to spew my thoughts on this blog which I continue to be proud of even on the days I get no comments and only one or two people choose to look at it.

In health news, I think I may blow up my Exercise Ball and start using that as a desk chair again as perhaps that is part of what is affecting my posture and my lower back problems, although I still don’t know if that is the main problem.


1 Comment

  1. I used an exercise ball as a chair for years. I liked it because it helped me stay focused on what I was doing rather than how stiff and unyielding the chair was. The ball allowed my natural fidgeting to fade into the background.

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