ADD Hermit Side of Me

If my health problems (back problems) are not Kidney and purely spinal/muscular then why would I have sharp pains?  That makes no sense.  I’ve been to the Chiropractor twice so far and on Friday I go again and they re-evaluate to see if it is helping.  After 3 times, I am supposed to know this?  Really?  At a job, you get a 3 month probation.  This will be my third time seeing the Chiropractor since I started.

Last night I smacked the counter with the Coffee-Pot while washing it so now I have to buy a new Coffee-Pot.  I am thinking of getting a  4-8 cup this time since I am the only one that drinks it.   Although, I am wondering if small/short filters are hard to buy.

I may go to Target today to find out although since I hate going to the actual store, I may just purchase on-line… then again, I really need to get out and be social.  I don’t know if it’s my ADD side but I am borderline recluse and love staying in the house as much as possible.  When it gets really hot outside, things might be different but for now, I just enjoy doing everything from and at home.  Plus, I’ve always preferred shopping on-line for everything verses dealing with crowds.


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