Okay, I’m Adjusting.

Wow, I write more here on WordPress then I do in my actual Diary.  Shouldn’t surprise me though.  I try to write in my Diary at least once a month but feelings really hit, plus, I think the idea that people really read this verses my Diary thoughts, my Diary simply go back in the drawer.

I’ve been seeing the Chiropractor about my back issues and I’ve also made a few changes here myself, as I’ve mentioned.  Today was the first time I actually let him crack me.  I’ve been to a few other Chiropractor’s and I will say that part just makes me nervous.  I have a lot of stomach issues as well and lately I’ve been feeling really bloated and it doesn’t matter what I eat.


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  1. I went to a chiropractor for over 25 years, and not the same one, changing Dr.s often. At one point they stopped cracking my neck because of the headaches. The last one I saw was a couple of years ago, and she incorporated a whole lot of massage therapy in the treatment. All I know is the relief was always momentary, during and maybe up to an hour afterwards. Then, I would have to go every other day, until the frequency of the visits far exceeded the amount of money I had available to spend on this lifetime treatment. Finally, I just stopped going, not feeling worse but definitely feeling better than after the manipulations. It did quite the number on my nervous system and did not cure any aches or pains I have.
    Very disappointing for me.
    They cannot cure much.
    And a mediocre chiropractor can do a lot of damage.
    Careful my friend, if you feel yourself getting new symptoms, or just feeling worse after a few months, stop going. Or find a new chiropractor.
    I would hate to see you feeling worse or wasting your time & money.

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