Still Miss Some Foods

I miss Top Ramen and Cup of Noodles.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way….

The wknd has been quite eventful.  Yesterday, my husband took my car in to get the idle fixed.  He actually took it in last week and had it tuned up and a bunch of stuff fixed on her but it’s been idling bad ever since.  I’ve had to put her in Neutral at stop lights so she wouldn’t die.  Turn’s out there was a chord or a hose that was loose that they had forgotten to tighten last week when they put it back together.

Today, my husbands’ uncle came over and repainted my room.  This color looks awesome!  It’s actually titled Warm Gray Flannel which is exactly what I was looking for.

My stomach has been a bit bothersome these last two days and we did not make it to Spaghetti Factory  (maybe next wknd) but it’s okay, since we did get pizza yesterday.  Of course the pizza may be a big cause of this wknd’s stomach issues since the crust does have or is made with Olive Oil and that is quite bothersome to me.

The Same and Changes

I went to Z-Pizza tonight and got Gluten Free Pizza.  It is expensive but it has 6 pieces so two at a time will give me 3 meals anyway.  I called Papa John’s because if you look up Gluten-Free Pizza on the internet it pops up first and a lot of their toppings are gluten-free so I asked about their crust and they said it isn’t.  When I asked if I bring my own gluten-free crust in, if they would be willing to make a pizza with their toppings; they said they cannot do that.  That’s not fair.  Maybe I’ll l’ll talk to a manager or ask Pizza Hut.  I do believe more pizza places should help gluten-free people out.

We are planning a vacation this year and I think we are going to go to Vegas for a few days.  We were going to go to a convention in Oregon but I think I’d like to pass while I give this new diet some time.  I actually had an accident last night and didn’t know about it until this morning.  I think I would like to be in a semi-familiar atmosphere with lots of restrooms available.

Tomorrow my husbands’ uncle is coming over and we are going to have him re-paint my room again.  Sort of like deja-vu as there is another post about this.  I went with a friend and picked out the last color.  I want the room a real pretty shade of gray however the last one I picked has a blue undertone and originally the room was blue.  When he started painting, I had a feeling it wasn’t going to work.  It’s been almost a month and I still don’t like it.  I am tired of Blue.

This time my husband and I went to the store and I chose a color titled “Warm Gray Linen”.  It is actually a bit dark but there is no blue undertone.  I don’t mind the bedroom being dark as it is mainly for sleeping.  I am really looking forward to getting away from the blue and I believe this time I will be really satisfied.

Recovery, Protein Bar, or ?

My stomach felt really good today until I ate a Tiger’s Milk Protein Bar which is supposed to be safe.  I called the company and they said there is a chance a batch of the Protein Rich (which is one flavor I’m allowed) can get mixed up with one of the other flavors that are not Gluten-Free but usually the utensils are washed thoroughly in between.  I started getting loose stool after eating one yesterday too so I am going to avoid those for a few days and see what happens.  Maybe I haven’t completely healed from the food poisoning episode from last week.  I sure want this Gluten-Free diet to be the solution to my stomach issues.  Although, I’m sure it takes time since it’s been years with no answers and my body really needs to adjust.

I have to admit it was sort of bummer driving by Red Lobster and knowing I could not go there.  Oh, the temptation!  I can only have Shrimp pretty much and while I like Shrimp Scampi, the smell of those Cheddar Bay Biscuits not to mention seeing them on every table in the restaurant would probably drive me crazy.  As soon as I get my gluten-free, all purpose, flour I may just try to make my own biscuits again.

It’s gunny but I bought myself Gluten Free Hot Dogs and potatoes and lots of vegetables but I’m afraid to eat the vegetables because I remember how some or to many vegetables can tear up my stomach, (although I may as well give them a shot) but I’ve been pretty much living on the hot dogs and potato’s lately and I am totally waiting on all the other gluten-free stuff I just spent hundreds of bucks on like the Gnocchi and egg-rolls and more bars and chips or snack foods and pasta’s and rice dishes, etc.  I guess I a need more variety to add to my current variety.

More Food Variety

I went grocery shopping today and it’s one of the first times I remember walking through the store for 2-3 hours drinking an entire Tall Starbucks Latte and doing all my shopping without having to use the restroom.  Wow!  As my husband asked, so am I a normal person now?

I found some Gluten-Free, All-Beef, Hot Dogs which are yummy.  I also ordered some frozen food yesterday and some boxed stuff as well as some gluten-free flour and other things from The Gluten-Free Mall yesterday.  Yeah, we are about going broke but I am getting some food variety and my calories/protein are going to go up and I am learning to manage this diet.

This wknd, we may even go to Spaghetti Factory for dinner so I can get my favorite meal.  Luckily, they have it Gluten-Free…  Spaghetti with Brown Butter and Mizithra Cheese.  Their Specialty.

Back To My New Normal

I am so thankful to be over my food poisoning scare and back to normal.  Okay, not normal exactly because my new normal is now a Gluten Free/Wheat Free diet.  But wait, Wheat is Gluten, correct?  so if I say Gluten-Free, I really don’t need to say Wheat-Free or I am being redundant?  The problem I find with this diet is getting my protein/calorie requirement.  It is super tough.

Today, I think I came in super close on the Protein but I am not sure on the Calories.  The last few days I have done good on the calories and sucked on the Protein.

We went to a restaurant/pub that has a Regular andGluten-Free menu which worked really well for both my husband and I;  but I probably should have ordered the Chicken Wings.  The Grilled Artichoke and Fries were delicious and the Aioli Sauce was yummy but there was hardly any Protein in any of it.

Minor Setback to Recovery

Well, I had just started feeling better stomach-wise and then I went and got a microwavable Salmon dish which I either didn’t cook long enough or the fish was just bad, and developed food poisoning from.  Ugh.  I had visions of the one time I had food poisoning before from some bad salad and that was how I learned I was allergic to Penicillin.  I  could not even keep down water at the time and my mother called the doctor who told her I was having an allergic reaction to the Penicillin.  Anyway, this time, it was one major day and night of Hell and my Hell came with stomach accidents, vomiting and migraine headaches plus so much weakness and pain Icould not get out of bed to find the scissors to take my pain medication which knocks out my migraine.  So I waited in agony until my wonderful husband came home so he could get me the scissors plus he also got me some of the pills I really needed to take before I went to sleep the rest of the night.  When I was young and sick, I used to really want my mother with me but now I am so thankful to have a caring husband.

Today is the 2nd day and I am doing a lot better.  Luckily, I had only eaten half a piece of the Salmon due to the calorie count.  I am still running a bit but I am eating solid foods and drinking liquids plus, I am back on the computer which I could not even look at as I could not get out of bed.  I am still really weak though.

I pray I am much better tomorrow as I found a really good restaurant I want to go to that has a Gluten-Free Menu for me as well as a regular Menu for my husband.  I found a website titled, ‘The Gluten Free Mall’ and ordered some food from it so am looking forward to receiving that as well.  I think I am on the road again to recovery.

Finding What Doctors Couldn’t?

I’ve had Colonoscopy’s, I’ve had Endoscopy’s.  I’ve been tested for Celiac Disease and told I was negative.  I’ve been poked and prodded to no avail.  I’ve felt like I was going to die while in the restroom, I’ve had accidents like a child (or an old person) while literally running down the hall to make it to the restroom in time, I’ve felt bloated, when I’ve gassed..I’ve been paranoid it was going to lead to more verses just a bit of wind.

Then, last Monday.  I made a decision.  I got tired of doctors doing nothing.  Despite the warnings of not trying this experiment on your own, I cut out all wheat products.  Oh my Gosh,  I can gas without an accident, I am not cramping, I am not running down the hall.  I am not in the restroom for half hour dying in agony.  I still go a bit but my body isn’t used to so many vegetables yet.  I miss a few of my favorites (yeah, I really like Top Ramen) but I am getting used to the taste of Gluten-Free Pasta.  I am looking forward to my next doctor appointment and sharing this with my doctors.

I must admit it is hard to find take-outs I can go to at present.

But my Cousins’ wife sent me a link as she abides by this diet as well and I do enjoy trying the new foods I am finding.

Sometimes, we can do so much better for ourselves than our doctors can.

Feeling Better Gluten Free

Sometimes it’s hard to explain how I feel with so many issues going on.  I’ve had really bad abdominal cramping along with sudden diarrhea as well as times of constipation.  I am also having muscular type pains everywhere and a pulling/sharp pain in my side  kidney area’s.

I’ve been going Gluten-Free since last Monday and the cramping/diarrhea issue seems to be getting better.  I am going to continue this diet until at least the 18th when I see my metabolic doctor and talk to them.  The one negative aspect of it is it is hard to get the protein/calorie requirement I need by the end of the day as most Gluten-Free items I find are very low-protein and low-calorie.

Gluten-Free Journey Continues

Today is my 3rd day on my Gluten-Free journey and it is interesting.  I went to Whole Foods yesterday and boght some really good stuff.  I also visited an amazing bakery that caters to Gluten-Free and most anyone with allergies titled, “Sensitive Sweets.”  Nothing has Dairy, Lactose, Peanuts, Gluten.. and the food is fantastic.
I think I may still have a touch of the virus/flu whatever I had last week because I still wake up just completely drenched im sweat plus, I get hot and cold again.  So annoying,

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